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PS.Cafe Petit是一家提供慢食快享概念的傳統快餐,如:披薩、漢堡及沙拉的外賣及零售咖啡館。您可以事先打電話預定外帶或是到咖啡館裡享用。在這裡,你也可以吃到一系列的美味甜點,包括新口味的招牌冰淇淋。我們也跟超過20個供應商合作,為您提供一系列外面買不到並且只提供給餐廳的精選葡萄酒。 繼續閱讀
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Four Cheese Porcini Green Goddess Original Smokey Margherita
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We did a drive-by pick up and ordered:Four Cheese Pizza - hubby ordered this and I tried a couple of bites. I'm really not that impressed with pizza taste actually. The pizza come with Chilli Paste, not chili flakes. Interesting... Hubby commented it's actually nicer with the Chilli paste. That's not saying very much for the taste of the pizza. Crust is not bad, pretty thin and crusty.Spaghetti Bolognese - daughter liked it enough but I tried a mouthful and it was only so-so. Not a dish to go there for.Chicken Cream Pasta - I actually forgot the actual name on the menu but the taste is unforgettable!! To me, the pizza and spag bolognese are only so-so in truth and this pasta dish with chicken chunks really made the entire trip to hunt down PS. Cafe Petit.For the records, we are SO not going back any time soon. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-08-17
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I went on a food exploration trail a few weeks ago around Tiong Bahru after hearing that there had been an explosion of cafes and good food/coffee around that area. First on my trail was PS Cafe Petit; I had never been to PS Cafe before and so was looking forward to the experience. The interior was very very nice, very classy and plush, like a gentleman's club in New York or something.They had a really nice bar area, a huge selection of wine and even magazines to browse- they had the New Yorker! After we went in, the barista/bartender explained to us that it was more of a takeaway place, which explained the small size of the cafe, but that if we could eat in the cafe if we were willing to eat from takeaway plates, so we started our food journey with a latte and a meatball and mozzarella calzone.It might not look amazing in this picture, but it was actually not bad- the crust was thicker and more pastry-like than other calzones that I've tried, but it was steaming hot when we broke into it, and the meatball and mozzarella were perfect complements for each other. However, as we continued eating, it started to become reallyyyyy jelat, because of the cream and cheese. Here's a close up.It was then that we discovered the highlight of the dish- the chilli that they gave at the side. It looked like sambal, but it wasn't really spicy, instead, it tasted sweet with a tinge of tangy-ness and spiciness- from what we could tell, it was chilli fried with garlic, so it was really fragrant and crunchy and really really good when eaten together with the calzone, lightening the heavy cream and cheese. We also ordered a latte that was really good. It was smooth and creamy, but light, and the coffee wasn't sour or acidic at all, which I loved. Moreover, the barista was really really nice, chatting with us and making sure that we were comfortable, even asking for feedback about his coffee and about the food.We went on to look about the rest of the Yong Siak area, but I really enjoyed PS Cafe Petit. While I might not come back for the food- it really was a bit too creamy for me- I would definitely come back for a cuppa. 繼續閱讀
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