Arriving by Bus: #7/14/14e/16/65/106/111/123/175/502/502A, Bustop Name: Midpoint Orchard, Bustop No.: 09038. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: 313@Somerset Carpark 繼續閱讀
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Ayam Panggang Grilled Cuttlefish Set
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等級4 2013-10-01
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I love the indonesian BBQ food here. Super affordable and delicious. I had grilled fish set ( which consists of grilled fish with bbq sauce, rice, and egg.) A generous amount of grilled fish is given and most importantly, they taste REALLY GOOD! especially with that bbq sauce which is really special. I had never eaten such sauce before and it is very tasty. The fish is soft and doesn't have the fishy smell. The curry gravy is very flavorful too. The only minus point is the egg is rather tasteless and cold. Other than that, i will give this dish 5/5. And it only cost $5.50 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-06
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I am particularly fond of Indonesian BBQ Food as the fragrance of the charred smell just tempts me further! Everytime, without fail when I walked pass such BBQ Stall, I just couldnt turn my head away.Blame it to the cold weather, I could not resist the temptation any longer and got hold of a Chicken Set Meal (comes with a drink, Lime or Orange Juice), hopefully it will keep me away from the coldness.The big fat portion of chicken leg was grilled over the fire once again upon my order and thereafter dipped into their specialty sauce. The chicken was moist and fork tender throughout my serving. Luckily it was disposable utensils friendly, no breakage was done during then Opted for lesser rice, the set comes along with a slice of omelette with the chicken. Altogether looks pretty decent. Rice was packed with coconut flavours with hot curry sauce pours over them. What an overwhelming meal for the night!Cost: S$6.80 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-07-02
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This Indonesian food store is located at the basement of 313 somerset. One thing bad is that it is hard to find seats. However, good food will not stop us. There are a few seats along the shop aisle, and be sure to find seats before you order.Firstly, you will have to point on the glass window to tell the uncle which set number you want and then proceed to pay. The service was quite fast and i ordered Grilled chicken, whereas my friend ordered Grilled Fish. Grilled chicken setGrilled Fish setThe curry sauce was not that spicy. I love the sweet sauce that was on the chicken. It has a sweet aroma and is awesome. The set comes with a slice of egg too. You can also add in vegetable and other sides that are available. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-16
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I remember Riverside Indonesian BBQ used to have a shop at Clarke Quay and it is one of our family favorite restaurant. It has since ceased its shop operation and there's a few location for me to satisfy my BBQ craving, of which one is located at the basement of Somerset 313. It is quite hard to find a seat to enjoy your meal during peak hours, so I will try to either go there early or later. Usually I will get the BBQ chicken leg but this time I decided to try their BBQ sotong. The sotong is grilled perfectly and together with the black sweet BBQ sauce, it taste awesome. The sotong is cooked just nice and not chewy. The auntie will always give more than enough rice to feed you, I guess is to make you full and energetic for your shopping spree after that! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-17
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I have a soft spot for Indonesian grilled chicken. It's comfort food when you're having a particularly bad day. Riverside Indonesian BBQ is a well known name so you can expect the standard for their food. The BBQ chicken is dipped into this sweet dark gravy and you can ask the server to pour a generous scoop of their curry over your rice. You must get a big dollop of their chilli sauce. Sweet and slightly spicy and goes well with the meat and rice. 繼續閱讀
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