Arriving by Bus: #57, 100, 107, 961, 980.Bus-Stop No. 014621 Bus-Stop Name; Nopp Shaw Tower Nearest Train Station; Bugis Station 繼續閱讀
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Roma's Deli serves as a place for vegetarians and health-conscious people alike to succumb and indulge in their craves for Italian food. No onion, garlic and eggs were used in the preparation of the dishes. All "meat" i.e Chicken, bacon, seafood... et cetera are made from pure soya products. Hence synthetic. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-09-05
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Went to roma's deli for lunch, there wasnt much crowd and we were lucky to get a seat during lunch peak hours. We had seafood spaghetti and curry potato baked rice. As it's a vegetarian restaurant, they used mock meat for all their food. No garlic was used too. Seafood spaghetti is one of the better vegetarian spaghetti I've eaten. Curry potato baked rice was a disappointment. Both the rice and the potatoes were too hard. Not worth the money at all. Mushroom soup for starter was great though. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-05-18
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I have went to Roma's Deli which is a vegetarian restaurant to try out this vegetarian Hawaiian Pizza. That was my first time trying out a vegetarian pizza and to my surprise, it tastes pretty good for a pizza without ingredients such as hams to enhance the taste. The atmosphere in the restaurant is good as well, not too noisy, suitable for people looking for quieter place to dine in. Although it's still not as good as some of the non-vegetarian pizzas but I'm still willing to give it a try for the next visit to the restaurant. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-21
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Took a photo (what a rare surprise) just to test out the new camera before it died. Forgot that the batteries were not charged. Anyway, Roma's Deli is a vegetarian cafe that has lots of set meals. I actually thought they were real meat when stepping it but didn't change my mind because I decided to live healthily for that day. I tried the BBQ chicken spaghetti but it isn't exactly tasty because of too much tomato. But still rather cheap. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-03-03
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FoodHad actually want to dine in the thai restaurant opposite but when we were there, we realised that it was closed on sunday so we decided to go vegetarian at Roma's deli. This place is quite popular among the vegetarians friend. We have ordered 2 sets meal which is the cheese mushroom spagetti and the pizza, costs $12 and $11 respectively. This place is marked as a recommended place from the tripadvisor group and I guess it is good. The soup is good, you can really find mushroom chunks in it and enjoy the fragrance and crunchiness from the bread. Never know that sphagetti can tastes this way. It is very bland however, it is not the case that it is horrible plate of food. In fact, I find it very well done! Thumbs up. Comes in creamy base, every mouthful that we had I still can remember its taste.Although it may lost some tastes from the non-vegetarian, I find it very nice. Sprinkled with some herbs on top of the pizza, it tastes so well on the go!ServiceAmbienceQuiet. Find that the tables and space abit too cramped if many were to dine there. Alot of diners there enjoyed the ambience as they eat. Layback and relax.PriceThis is our damage for the night. Price is rather OK!Recommendations / TipsOverall I find that it is a different dinning experience which you can never enjoy from a non vegetarian food no doubt that some smell or taste are missing. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-03-24
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It has been nearly half a year ago since I have been here. The menu is still pretty much unchanged and I decided to try the pizzas. Since this is a vegetarian joint, all its pizzas are vegetarian pizzas but for non-vegetarians, fret not, cause it is as tasty as non-vegetarian pizzas. What I like about it is the generous amount of gooey cheese as well as the crispy crust. It is also served piping hot which definitely helps in retaining the flavour of the pizza. I would definitely recommend both vegetarians and non-vegetarians here for its simple yet tasty fare. 繼續閱讀
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