With a colourful graffiti wall in the interior and trendy hip-hop music, the concept is by-and-large influenced by the burger joints in the Big Apple. The home-grown South Bronx is proud to showcase burgers that are Asian-style, such as the best-selling Bangkok influenced Thai-Tanium and Korean G-Dragon burger. No effort is spared in creating the perfect South Bronx Burger: the brioche buns are freshly made in-house daily to create a good bread with thin crispy outer layer and soft chewy centre; patties are grounded fresh from different parts of the beef; and sauces created to best reflect the personality and cultural influences of each burger. 繼續閱讀
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Thai-Tanium Burger G-Dragon Burger The MAC Daddy Burger
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/02/25/south-bronx/South Bronx is casual dining concept by the newly rebranded Montana which offers an interesting assortment of savory and sweet burgers, as well as enticing finger food. Located on the first level of Pomo, South Bronx’s eye-catching, bright green décor and graffiti art makes it hard to miss.Its evident South Bronx takes pride in their burgers. Buns are baked fresh daily and each components, from the meat patties to the sauces, are made in-house from scratch. What’s even better is the price point; South Bronx has kept their menu very affordable. Burgers go from $9.90-$12 and dessert burgers are no more than $6.90.You can’t go wrong with a classic burger. The Bronx ($9.90) is a hearty treat constructed of juicy house-made beef patty, savoury smoked bacon, melted cheese and signature sauce sandwiched between potato burger buns.Inspired by Japanese flavours, The Umami ($11) also comprises of beef patty, but this time, fragrance by the earthy aroma of miso mushrooms and jazzed up with bonito flakes. Good for peeps who crave Asian flavours in their burgers!Despite its sloppy outlook, South Bronx’s Mac Daddy ($12) packs a gratifying punch, as well as addictive heat, with its Jalapeno mac and cheese toppings top beef patty.For those who don’t take beef, there’s Southern Fried Chicken ($10.90) and Lemongrass Prawn ($10.90) available. I’m fond of light burgers and Thai notes, hence took a liking to the prawn burger which features Aroi lemongrass prawn patty, mango red onion coleslaw and green curry mayo.To accompany your burger, I recommend topping up $4 for a meal combo, which include a drink, and 3 different varieties (criss cut, straight cut and curley) of fries. The fries still have the skin on, which makes its texture crispier.Enhance your experience at South Bronx with Southern Fried Chicken Wings ($6.80), a mouth-watering side dish that’s perfectly fried. The wings are soaked in milk over night, which allows the acidity to break down the fibres, giving rise to beautifully tender meat. In addition, the wings are so well-seasoned that I personally find no use for the accompanying BBQ sauce.We ended the meal the Red Velvet ($6.90) a unique creation comprising of hazelnut rocher ice cream, coconut nutella sauce and crunchy granola toppings sandwiched between red velvet buns. I find the coca notes overwhelming and could hardly detect vanilla, hence apart from the presentation, there’s nothing really red velvet about this. Other ice cream burger options include Black Sesame ($6.50), Thai Iced Tea ($5.90) and Berries N Cream ($5.90).  繼續閱讀
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http://www.nahmj.com/2016/01/22/south-bronx-burger-by-montana-pomo/South Bronx Burger was created by Montana Singapore to provide fresh made burgers. All the ingredients in each and every burger is made from scratch daily, ensuring freshness in the quality.South Bronx Burger has created 7 burgers when we visited them. 4 beef burgers, and 3 non.We tried The Bronx that comes with an in-house smoked bacon, Gochujang Beef consists of gochujang coleslaw, The Unami is with mushroom and The Mac Daddy, topped with jalapeno mac & cheese. the only non-beef burger we tried was the Lemongrass Prawn.First was the Lemongrass Prawn Burger with thelemongrass infused prawn patty. I could savour the sweetness of the prawn and the lightly scent of lemongrass. It complemented well.The Unami beside the beef compose of miso mushroom, sandwiched with bonito flakes and mayo. A pity, the mushroom flavour were not strong.Classic ingredients such as the beef patty (the key ingredient), sauce, melted cheese and bacon existed in The Bronx. Though it may sound like a typical classic beef burger, it is the smoked bacon that differentiated itself from the rest in the market.A humble looking burger was The Mac Daddy. I was skeptical when I spotted the look. But it turned out to be our top favourite burger among the 4 we tried. All the ingredients assembled in The Mac Daddy not only complemented each other but more importantly enhances, taking the taste to the next level and even to perfection.One could choose to top up to complete the meal with a triple fries (normal fries, curly fries and criss cut fries) and a drink. Optional add on to the burgers are also available. We tried the truffle fries. Fries wasn't the best but was pleasantly delish.The Southern Fried Chicken Wings was the one we tried out of the 2 sides available. The chicken wings absorbed the marinate and were tender. We prefer eating it without the BBQ sauce.A pity only the Red Velvet Ice Cream Burger was available. The scarlet coloured bun together with Hazelnut rocher ice cream, coconut nutella sauce and granola topping added to the crunch was heavenly.We enjoyed the burgers and the sides served by South Bronx Burgers. Especially when all the ingredients were made from scratch daily, it guaranteed freshness in quality and no doubt value for money too.For more reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/ 繼續閱讀
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South Bronx is located on the ground floor of POMO, facing the main road. It is owned by the same people behind Montana and Fabulous Dough.  Hence, you can order food from Montana and fabulous dough and enjoy them along with burgers from South Bronx! Looking at their menu, they have kept it pretty simple with about 7 savoury burgers, 4 dessert burgers, a couple of side options and drinks. Their burgers aren't your typical fast food burgers. They have home made patties with their freshly baked potato buns. Fries are also sold seperately. Interesting items that stood out, were Umami burger with a beef patty with miso mushroom and bonito flakes, The Mac Daddy with jalapeno and mac and cheese (sounds like a burger version of Montana's wafflelized version of Mac and Cheese) and Lemongrass Prawn with green curry mayo!Their ice cream burgers are truly interesting and definitely a "project" to try them all! Red velvet with hazelnut rocher icecream, coconut nutella sauce. Black sesame with green tea ice cream and azuki beans with white chocolate sauce and the one I came here for, Thai Iced Tea! It sure looks like South Bronx is utilizing the same key and signature ice cream flavours from Montana, since everything comes from the same centralized kitchen! Not a bad choice if you ask me!The interior of South Bronx is pretty laid back and really made for the young hipster crowd. Vibrant and colour graffiti all over the walls and the stools are in a bright green colour that helps cheer up the whole location. The high ceiling rises up towards Fabulous Dough.1. Lemongrass Prawn $10.90+ add $4+ for a drink and triple friesThe faintly toasted bun was sweet and spongy mainly due to the green curry mayo. The sweetness of the bun paired with the lack of beefy and savory notes led to a sweet burger that was filled with a familiar lemongrass flavour. You could midly taste the prawns in the patty, the green curry mayo was more distinct. The bun would have worked with a thicker and well seasoned  prawn patty.I could definitely foresee alot of customer thinking of the MOS burger's Ebi rice burger, but this patty isn't as floury and crisp as MOS. Think of a McChicken with prawns all mashed up together, that's what you get. I did like the bun and the sauces together with the prawn patty. A truly unique and fusion burger!2. Southern fried chicken wings $6.80+I had their southern fried chicken wings back in december prior to South Bronx's offiial opening and since then, their wing recipe seems to have improved. The skin of the chicken is still crispy and non-oily, but the digging in, the chicken meat seems to be juicier and tender.I liked the dip for the chicken wings, it was slightly tangy and sweet all at the same time. They did a great job preventing the chicken wings from being too dry!3. Fried Mac and Cheese Fritters $8+I always recall my time in the US, where I had fried mac n cheese bites from a local petrol station on a weekly basis and I'm glad that South Bronx has their own rendition of fried mac and cheese fritters. Rolled up into a ball and served with the familiar Tomato relish dip (the same dip served at Montana with the Mac n Cheese Waffles)Be generous be the sauce as it adds necessary the saltiness to the fritter. These fritters definitely hit the spot for me, but on another note, when you poke open the fritter, everything falls out. One would've expected the cheese to gel all the macaroni together, but I think there's a lack of cheese in each fritter, to give it the "cheesey texture"The batter on the outside of the fritter stayed crispy while the inside stayed moist! This is probably my recommended side at South Bronx! Or if you prefer a wafflelized version, top up $4.50 more to get the Mac and Cheese waffle from Montana 4. Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream Burger $5.90+ *Highly Recommended*I loved Thai Iced Tea, and even more so, in an ice cream form. This was an interesting creation, ice cream sandwiches but using South Bronx's burger buns instead! The ice cream scoop was pretty big and the buns were slightly smaller than their savoury burger buns. The buns seemed to be frozen or rather, slightly too hard for my liking.The butter buns with layered with mango white chocolate sauce  before the thai iced tea ice cream was sandwiched in between. It's a rather instagrammable dish. Definitely a dish that would be a hit with young girls with a sweet tooth!5. The Bronx $9.90+The burger was juicy, and this was re-enforced by the moist, dense, potato bun that is made freshly at South Bronx. The burger patty was just firm enough to linger on the palate and hold its own! It didn't really squish and flatten out when held up. The sauces were pretty juicy, but the patty didn't have a strong beefy taste as I would've expected.The bun was exactly what I hoped it would be...dense, moist, chewy, savory, slightly sweet...you know, like a puck of satisfying soft bun goodness.I would definitely head back to South Bronx for more ice cream burgers and since I can order food from Montana, these ice cream burgers go superbly well with the Cold Brew Coffee from Montana! You're basically spoilt for choice at South Bronx when it comes to burgers, there's something for everyone, even if you're not a beef eater!Overall : Interesting burger projects, both savoury and sweet. Reasonable prices and convenient central location.  繼續閱讀
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