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Sweet Talk started out many years ago during the bubble tea craze. It sells a large variety of bubble tea, such as peach milk tea, passionfruit green tea, regular red tea. 繼續閱讀
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Honeydew Sago Passionfruit Red Tea Peach Milk Tea
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We have been a little on an Ice Kachang craze lately and upon passing by the Sweet Talk kiosk, we saw a "bubble tea" version of several local desserts. There were the Ice Kachang, Ice Honey Dew Sago, Ice Chendol at $1.80 and even Durian Ice Kachang and Durian Chendol at $2.30. We thought this was quite interesting and decided to get the Ice Kachang to try. Ice Kachang ($1.80) This came looking rather... pink but it was quite decent with actual ice kachang ingredients such as red bean, sweet corn and jelly in it. It was also quite sweet and tasted a little like a real ice kachang although we agreed that the original version was better. But of course, this was meant to be a "bubble tea" version, so it was still good enough for our purpose. It was actually quite convenient to drink (and munch) on the go! Matcha Ice Blended with Red Beans Toppings ($2.00)We also got the Matcha Ice Blended which came with a generous amount of red beans although the red beans was at the base instead of the "top". The matcha flavour was kind of weak but the red beans was quite tasty. This was also the right amount of sweetness for us and I personally loved the milky taste of the drink as well. Out of the two, this was my favourite.They also have quite a variety of other bubble tea and ice blended drinks here such as the Italian Soda ($1.50), Sweet Heart Lychee ($1.80), Milk Tea ($2.00), Iced Mocha Classic ($2.10), and Oreo Choco Delight ($2.50), which I'd love to try in the future. We were also surprised to find hot beverages such as the Chocolate Wonderland ($2.00) and White Coffee ($2.00). The portion of ingredients given was quite decent for the price and we especially found these local desserts in a cup to be worth a try. Now you can enjoy a local dessert on the go! 繼續閱讀
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