Arriving by Bus: #123/143/587/590/598, Bustop Name: Orchard Plaza, Bustop No.: 08137. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: Centrepoint Carpark 繼續閱讀
10:30 - 21:00
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等級4 2013-09-16
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The Eastern Restaurant, a restaurant located in the heart of Orchard specialises in serving authentic Northern Chinese cuisine. It is tucked away in a deep quiet corner of Centrepoint. It has been located at the same spot for many years. With virtually no signs to guide anyone here, most people would have probably missed or not know of this place. Even we ourselves who had been here before got lost while trying to recall how to get to the restaurant.I first got to know of this restaurant more than five years ago, way before I started FoodieFC. I remember that the food here was not bad and its Xiao Long Bao was worth a try. So here I am, back here again for its Xiao Long Bao! Visited on a Saturday evening. The seating capacity at the restaurant seemed to considerably reduced. Previously, the tables and chairs extend all the way out and there were also tables and chairs under the escalator next to the restaurant. This time, the tables and chairs have been removed. You may noticed in the above photos that it has a open kitchen concept. You can scrutinise view how your food is being prepared. Moreover, it also assure customers that their food are prepared diligently and hygiene is well taken care of. Despite the reduced seating capacity, the Eastern Restaurant was full! Quite surprising, considering the location and lack of signs. Clean, air conditioned environment. Even though there was such a crowd, our food was served fairly quickly within 10 minutes upon ordering. The Wanton with Hot Chilli Sauce (5 Pcs) $6 an authentic Sichuan cuisine was very well executed. The use of vinegar and spicy oil caused a distinct difference in taste that made it hard for me to stop at one. The skin of the wanton seemed slightly thicker than the other wantons else where helped hold the fillings in place and adsorb the immense flavours of the sauce. Very spicy and sour, yet addictive. If you are can't take spicy food, you should refrain from ordering this. The Xiao Long Bao (4 Pcs) $4, one of their signature items did not disappoint. The skin was slightly thicker in comparison to the other Xiao Long Baos I have tried. Each Xiao Long Bao contained alot more hot soup in it (more than those in Crystal Jade/Ding Tai Fung). Most probably, the thicker skin was required to hold the soup in place. The hot soup was tasty and well flavoured while the meat was well marinated. The only issue I had was that the skin at the top was too thick. This may not be the best Xiao Long Bao I had, but it was certainly one of the better ones. I ordered the Noodle in Hot & Sour Soup $8, which is another Sichuan Cuisine - spicy and sour. Luckily the sauce used was different from the Wanton with Hot Chilli Sauce. The sauce this time was more sourish and less spicy. It came with diced mushrooms, peas, black fungus, shredded beancurd and meat. The noodles were too hard and could have been cooked for a long period of time. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this dish despite feeling the spiciness towards the end. Kudos to the chef as he got the difficult part right - balancing the taste of the hot & sour soup.The partner ordered the Stewed Beef Brisket Noodle Soup $8.80 which was one of the recommended items in the menu. The soup was light, clear and flavourful - very forgiving and not salty. Generous serving of beef chunks were given and the meat was stewed till they were incredibly soft and tender. It would have been perfect if the noodles were cooked longer as we felt that it was a tad too hard. Overall, the dining experience at The Eastern Restaurant was good. It's a hidden gem. There's no need to queue even during weekend peak hours. The food that we ordered was delicious. Despite being at full capacity the service was prompt and efficient. Price wise, it was reasonable. In fact, I would say affordable considering that this is in the heart of Orchard. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-14
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牛肉麵 beef noodles and 牛腩麵 beef brisket noodles. What's the difference? For someone who's not the most adventurous foodie, I would just stick with beef noodles. It's definitely meat that I would eat.For some reason though, it seems beef brisket sounded like something I should be trying. So I innocently asked the waitstaff what was in beef brisket. She looked at me pretty incredulously, although not in a rude manner, before going on to tell me that it was basically braised meat. Tender lean pieces of meat braised for quite a while. Really?! Was that what I had been missing out on all these years?!Uh huh. Seems that I've totally missed out guys. The chunks of meat were fork tender and full on flavour. The soup was served lukewarm which I reflected to the kitchen staff and immediately he offered to boil up my soup again.Great customer service guys.The noodles were springy and chewy to the bite. The milky soup broth was savoury without a thirsty after meal feeling.The Chinese version of ramen was good. Very good. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-01-31
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Located deeply in Centrepoint, most people would have missed this restaurant even if they were on the lookout for this cuisine. There aren't many visible signs to lead you to the place as well so had to keep a sharp eye out for the next turning.Food is cheaper as compared to other similar restaurants in town area, and tastes good.Is definitely a hidden treasure! #NTUDAC 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-05-05
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The Eastern Restaurant is obviously a case in point for locality considerations when opening a restaurant. Tucked into the deep recesses of The Centre point at Orchard, diners would not even walk there to consider it as a possible dining outlet. It doesn't help matters when there's a Chinese restaurant situated nearer to the escalators. If not for the business lunch, I will never walk to this place.Must try their spicy dumpling, and my conclusion is that it is traditionally prepared and what one would expect from an authentic production. The skin is a little on the thick side which keeps the soup really hot for a longer period, so think twice before biting into the "bao" too early. It is a not bad choice. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-04-01
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Brought my mum here on a rainy day after shopping and ordered their XLB's.I was expecting much more when I walked into this restaurant but it's interior is very simple.The wait for the XLB's was unreasonably long!They lined the container holding the XLB's with salad which was something new to me.Anyway, the XLB's were of a below average standard.The skin was way too soft and each and every one of the XLB's broke the moment you tried picking it up.Although my mum and I picked it up very gently, they all broke and this was such a waste as the most heavenly thing about XLB's is the soup within, which all spilt out.Definitely the worst XLB's I've tried and with their bad service and high prices, I'm sure to never come back here again! 繼續閱讀
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