Tim Palace is a newly opened restaurant at the SAFRA Toa Payoh. It is a pillar-less room with high ceilings, making it suitable for banquets. All day a la carte dining available and Dim Sum menu available from 1130 to 1430 daily. 繼續閱讀
11:00 - 22:30
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i came tim palace few weeks back with my sis & b-i-l on 24.11.2015.some RI friends wanted to try after reading that post. happens that a close RI friend was visiting from cupertino USA (same friend so was at my house yesterday for a homecooked pasta + steak lunch & we had a cuppa at ducth colony pasarbella afterwards).so he arranged a 10pax lunch at tim palace today on 16.12.2015. ^^salmon sashimi was bad, wrong colour & almost “sweating”. cold flower crab looked a bit better maybe it was ok this time. didn't try.prawn & sotong salad & the pickledd scallops tips were still ok. poached prawn was good too.roast station though was quite ridiculous –we had 10pax. we got a plate good for 2pax!! yes 2pax!! you just have to look at my photos last visit to see what we got for 3pax! so being not so silent & compliant type singaporeans, we told the manager & was served another 2 plates (top photo).sharks fin was ok.mainly because the stock was tasty & so the dish overall was pretty good.drunken prawns was good.prawns were very fresh, bouncy, good. herbal soup was good too.abalone & broccoli dish was very competent. there were 9 abalones for 10pax. we told the server & manager, & got 1 more abalone, no worries la!they served us 2 deep-fried flower garoupa., pretty ok dish.steamed seabass with sambal sauce was good, very nice sauce & dish done well. ^^the sea cucumber with yam was ok.there was a last order (i think 2pm). i ordered the prawns since the other 2 prawn dishes were good.thexo scallop dish was competent.small scallops, quite nicely done.& we ordered the lala.lala was fresh but it was overdone. this dish below par.one friend said my manila clams was so much better.the cereal crayfish this time was quite fresh so pretty okhoney ribs non-descript.not badly done, just very ordinary zi char standard.spicy steamed chicken feet was ok but not the good dimsum restaurant standard, both the sauce & the texture of the deep-fried chicken feet.2-egg spinach was competent.not the standard of uncle leong though.sambal kang kong was good if ordinary.i had both the sea coconut & the lotus seed red beans, quite ok both.we had a great time, lot of laughter & fun.food was pretty good re the price = it was S$20.90pax after S$5 SC (senior citizen 55yrs) discounts. there is an additional S$2 for the tea+peanuts (you get charged anyway whethe you take or not).here is what i meant by service being pleasant if untrained.we asked for 2 pots of different tea. they said cannot & they will charge. we told them we had 10pax so 5pax take 1 tea & 5pax take another tea, why cannot leh?after talking to manager we got 2 pots – pu er & jamine..of course they can actually refuse, but they let us have 2 pots. in my opinion the best trained service is one where you know something does not really matter, & the customers are not asking something unreasonable, and you can be flexible & give it to them to promote goodwill. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-12-28
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I ordered the following dimsum dishes: chicken feet, Carrot cake, Congee, Siew Mai and lastly Har Gao. Chicken feet is very soft and tender. Very unique taste. Carrot cake was very good well fried and real tasty. A good appetizer to start with. Congee was also delicious especially when the century egg taste doesn't make the whole congee galad! Siew Mai and Har Gao are my favorite two dishes and chicken feet! They use very nice and crunchy prawn. The three dishes that you must try here are chicken feet, har gao and siew mai. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-07
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Was around the newly refurbished SAFRA Toa Payoh for a team bonding session and noticed the interesting ala carte buffet lunch menu offered by Tim Palace. The husband and I decided to give it a try as we found the price to be fairly reasonable ($24.80++ for weekdays and $26.80++ for weekends). For the reader’s info, SAFRA members are entitled to an additional 10% off the total bill The variety of dishes served is impressive - a total of 50 dishes ranging from appetizer, soup, mains and desserts! However, do note that some dishes (the more high value ones) are limited to one serving only. Overall, the food quality is not bad considering the price and the portions are relatively small, giving you more tummy space to try out other dishes. Service wise, we feel that there are still rooms for improvement. Severs were not attentive (we had to gesture almost 3-4 times before they refill our pot of tea) and food was served out quite slowly (we even wanted to cancel our last order as they took almost 30 mins to serve our last dish which was Sambal Clams).Must tries1) Steamed Sea Base with Plum SauceThe sea base is fresh and cooked to perfection, a hallmark of every good Chinese restaurant. 2) Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab MeatAlthough it tasted pretty much like the typical Shark’s Fin Soup served in other restaurants, this is one, if not, the most high value item in the menu that everyone should order. The restaurant definitely did not cut corners on this as evident by the amount of ingredients used. 3) Lamb Stew in PotThe lamb stew was soft and tender without the usual gamey flavours of lamb meat. Simple dish of lamb meat, carrots and radish well prepared! 4) Pork Loin Orange SauceSimilar in taste to Hainanese Pork Chop, this dish is appetizing and refreshing. T he pork is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Disappointments1) Drunken Prawn in Herbal SoupWas quite disappointed in the soup as I found it to have added too much MSG and lacking the natural sweetness of the prawns. However, the prawns are fresh and succulent. Just order this purely for the high value item - live prawns. 2) Braised Baby Abalone with Broccoli in Oyster SauceThe abalone was really small and overcooked, resulting in a rather tough texture that was hard to swallow. Again, order this purely for the seemingly high value item – Abalone. 3) Beef Steak with Brown SauceWe found to beef to be too salty for our liking and was tough and dry. And as the previous two dishes, order this purely because it is limited to one serving. In all, this was a fairly decent meal that’s worth the money less the waiting time for food to be served. 繼續閱讀
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