As a leading purveyor of fine wine and cuisine, we strive to explore the synergies between food and wine, in order to present a seamless dining experience of gastronomic delight in an ambience of warm, personal service and beauty of location, at an accessible price. 繼續閱讀
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Lobster Pasta Fillet of Wagyu Beef Suckling Pig Foie Gras Au Torchon
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Full review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/02/12/verre-modern-bistro-wine-bar-robertson-quay-singapore/Verre Modern Bistro And Wine Bar was a wine bar turned full fledged restaurant after its revamp. Boosting 750 wine labels at their premise, as such, its specialty is in wine pairing with the dishes crafted by their kitchenAs diner entered the restaurant, diner would not miss the centre piece, a glass room filled with wine bottles. Dinning is surrounding this centre feature. Interior was elegant with an option of causal dinning at the Al Fresco.We were served with a complimentary starter from the Verre, A deep fried Burrata Cheese with some other ingredients. The dish was a piping hot dish which was rare. Usually, it was either lukewarm or a cold dish. We have a good first impression of Verre Modern Bistro and Wine Bar.Half Lobster Salad was our first appetizer. It doesn’t come cheap for a salad. Romanine Lettuce that was laced evenly with salad dressing lied on a bed of gucamole. We thought this dish was excellent in terms of the salad dressing that was appetising, lightly sourish and the creamy gucamole does enhances the salad too.The Seafood Papillote is a bag of clams, octopus, prawns and scallop swam in a creamy leek and onion gravy was quite pale in comparison with our first appertiser. As all the seafood except the scallop was a challenge for my weak jaw.Lamb Chop With Moroccan Couscous and Mint Sauce, in our view was fabulous. The tender lamb meat was easy on the jaw and the mint sauce, a usual and great pairing for lamb, does the trick to mask the unpleasant lamb pungent. The Moroccan Couscous was flavourful with Middle East herb and spice with the tiny raisin giving a little sweetness elevated the flavours.After the Lamb Chop, our expectation increased exponentially. As such, we didn’t appreciate the classic French dish, the Duck Confit. We felt it was a piece of duck thigh soaked in high concentration of brine. The saltiness was far beyond our tolerance level.A satisfying meal is to end it with a awesome dessert. I was glad that we have the Jasmine Tea Verrine that compensated for the greatly disappointed Duck Confit. We appreciate how the various layers of flavour and texture came into play as we degust.In general, service at Verre Modern Bistro And Wine Bar was friendly. But I appreciate if they could describe the dish to us when serve, it would certainly be welcome since no further description, except the name of the dish, was written on the menu. This was done only to the complimentary starter.At Verre Modern Bistro And Wine Bar, the excellent dishes were truly on the extreme outstanding scale. Hence, NAHMJ would recommend to start with the Half Lobster Salad, next order the Lamb Chop With Moroccan Couscous and Mint Sauce as Main and end the meal with Jasmine Tea Verrine.More reviews is available at http://www.nahmj.com 繼續閱讀
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I escaped to Verre after a less than memorable dinner/drink session at Bar Bar Black Sheep nearby. It was already pretty late (10ish) and my friends and I were looking for a place with air-conditioning to relax and indulge in desserts. Lots of restaurants nearby were already closed so that's how we stumbled upon Verre.We were attracted to the place because it was so quiet and slightly posh-looking. To our surprise, when we looked at the menu outside, the prices were very, very reasonable. $9 for chocolate lava cake. I was like "OKAY LET'S GO IN."First impressions count and I could already tell service was great. The crew's very attentive and were constantly topping up our glasses with cold water from the moment we sat down at this giant couch area at the corner (lovely spot!!).As I mentioned, we were here primarily for desserts. We all basically ordered x1 each (greedy I know). We had x3 choc lava cakes, x2 banana nutella thingy (for the life of me I can't remember what it's called) and x1 red fruit creme brulee.The banana nutella treat was basically a mishmash of both ingredients, the banana came in cubes and topped the nutella mixture below. I only had a mouthful but I thought it was a pretty "healthy", light dessert compared to the rest. The creme brulee was a real surprise. I'm not usually a fan of this dessert, but they made it so well here. It's perfectly done and it's not too creamy to stomach. Comes with bits of strawberries and is just the right amount of sweet. Consistency was fab!Last but not least, the choc lava cake was actually very decent. I've had worse variations (where I had to pay a muchhhh higher price) so this was a pleasant surprise. The vanilla ice cream sits on this bed of crumbled biscuits - something a little different which I appreciated.I peeked at the mains while ordering desserts and they all looked really tempting... think I'll be back for a nice dinner one day! 繼續閱讀
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