Arriving by public bus: #48/61/106/970/NR8( Bus stop number 11419- Holland Village Station) Arriving by Train: Holland Village MRT Station Exit A Nearest Carpark: Warna Road Off Street - W0055 繼續閱讀
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Set in Holland Village since 1993, Wala Wala Cafe Bar is a relaxed yet sophisticated place where Singapore’s live music scene reigns. 繼續閱讀
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Deep-Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken Nuggets Grilled Meat Platter
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等級4 2015-07-01
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I have passed by this place many times over the years but I have never drop in before. Recently I have received a voucher to redeem at this place, so decide to come and take a look. The place is double storied, with air-con and non air-con dine in area. Most of the ang mo prefers in the air-con area to enjoy the fresh air, as well as, the sports programme showing on the TV screens. As for the asians, they prefer to take the stairs to the second floor for the air-con dine in area, especially since Singapore's weather is so hot these days. The second floor is decorated in a dark dim way with a small stage for live music which starts around 8pm. The place starts to get real happening then.Spicy blacken wings ($14)wala version of buffalo wingsDespite its name, the wings are not spicy at all. It looks a dry but tastes quite juicy.Vongole marinara ($12)simmered in white wine sauce with garlic & chilli flakesIt is served in a small, very used pot. I am surprised that there is a lot of clams and they are all opened. The clams taste fresh and sauce is tasty and tangy.Singha Beer ($16/ large Pint)Wash down the meal with a cold and refreshing glass of beer.Overall the place has great feel. Food is not bad and priced reasonable. Best of all there is no GST or service charge. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-13
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I have come to wala wala's for drinks and music but have never tried their food before. I was planning to go there early one of the nights so was checking online for food reviews. When i saw that many have recommended the walapenos and i really loved that dish and i knew i had to order it! So yes we had the walapenos, which were cheese-stuffed fried jalapenos and they were really spicy but the melted cheese in it were oh so good! slurps.. the chicken wings were decent as well with quite a good serving size. We were hungry so we ordered the pizza as well. there were many different types and you can do a half-and-half so we had the cheesy mushroom on one side and the italian ham with rocket on the other. I liked the cheesy mushroom but i thought the cheese was abit too heavy handed.. good if you really love cheese and are craving junk food. We also liked that the ham slices were generous, so thunbs up for that as well. I will definitely recommend to go there for food first if you happen to go their for the live bands.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-05
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Was at holland V with my friends for dinner. and after that we decided to find a place for some drinks and chill together.So we came to wala wala, and were quite upset that the seats inside are fully booked. So we took the sides outside and was not able to enjoy the live band. So do remember to make reservations if you are here for the live band.I ordered apple martini. Was surprise that the portion is so small. But nevertheless it taste good! Will be back with my friends next time. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-06-08
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Wala Wala always has a queue of people on Fridays and on Weekends. Perhaps it should be expected since TGIF and people are here to chill and relax as Wala Wala serves alcoholic drinks, food and football to watch! Viola!We were here on a Monday night to beat the crowd and YES! There's no crowd. We walk in and took a seat and the waiter were quick to deliver their menu immediately. However, we was thinking that the ambience had been a little lacking. There's no air-con on 1st storey (perhaps for smokers) and the tables and chair were like hawker centre type. However, their western dishes were good! As seen in the picture, I've ordered Pan Fried Dory fish with cheesy sauce! The sauce is REALLY FANTASTIC. My friend even took her wedges and dipped onto my sauce. The fish and wedges were decent also. Love that it's wedges instead of fries cause there's more potato taste! On a side note, my friend ordered their spagetti dishes and was rather disappointed cause it's just normal and for that price of around $16, it's pretty not worth it, I rather spent afew more dollars for my dish with yummy sauce (around $20). Make your wise choice! 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-11-20
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Wala Wala is a restaurant bar with two levels. There is live band on the second floor of the restaurant. Plays different kinds of music each day. Their happy hour is up till 9pm. Different types of alcohol - beer, wine and cocktails. They have different drink promotions as well. This dish is my favourite dish, it's called porkys. its deep fried pork and tastes really good with the mustard sauce. a must try! 繼續閱讀
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