Asia Dining
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Masonic Club, 23A Coleman St s179806 (City Hall)
6509 1453
Tue to Sat: 1800 - 0100
Sun: 1100 - 1500
Closed on Mon
S$81 - S$150

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Other Information
Signature Dish
Duck Confit / Steak and Eggs
Alcoholic Drinks Available
Takes Reservations (Details)
The Fat Duck-alumni chefs Ivan Brehm and Mark Ebbels— coupled with organisers of the Bacchanalia Brunch series open a a 100-seater that runs by a tapas-style sharing plates concept. Be surprised by the innovative spirit of the dishes, as in the case of a Steak and Eggs, with an egg made from a yam puree and egg confit.
OpenRicer Recommended
Sous Vide Chicken at 60° for 2hours.
The most tender and juicy chicken breast you can get.
Triple fried, the way Heston would do it! Best fries I've ever had.
The Chicken was sous vide at 60° for 2hours, making it the most tender and juicy chicken breast I've ever eaten! Deconstructed homemade cheddar cheese was a real bonus too!
Triple fried, the way Heston would do it. Best fries I've ever had!
Steak with Celeriac , Cauliflower Mushrooms, Thinly Sliced Potato Crisps. 

Steak was juicy, and the sauce binded the various elements well.
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