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Ichiban Sushi

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AUG 11

Ichiban Sushi's photo in Boon Lay )
This is my sibling's favourite dessert from Ichiban Sushi. Normally we'll purchase it from the counter, where it costs only $1.90. If you take it off the conveyor belt, it is $2.10. My family collects the stamps that are given per $20 spent so the dessert is a good way to bump up the amount spent to $20 some times.

The chocolate mousse is full of whipped and chocolate cream. The chocolate cream isn't too sweet, which is good for me considering I dislike chocolate that's too sweet. The whipped cream has a weak sweet taste.

A pretty good dessert. Do give it a try.
The lobster mayo inari is my favourite inari out of all the inaris that Ichiban Sushi offers. A generous amount of lobster is wrapped with sweet bean curd skin. The lobster is absolutely tasty a...
I dine regularly at Ichiban Sushi and will always have the miso soup. Their miso soups are very concentrated as compared to other well-known Japanese restaurants in Singapore. It has a strong ...