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Ding Feng

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Value for money
We spent...
Approx. S$4.20 (Dinner)
OCT 11

Ding Feng 's photo in Boon Lay )
Anyone who lives near Jurong Point would probably know that this stall has one of the best fried prawn noodles in the area. I always have friends and family recommending me the fried prawn noodles from this stall and I finally decided to give it a try for dinner.

The leave (?) they use to wrap the noodles had a really strong smell which I didn't like but it gives the noodles a special flavour. The noodles were well-fried and I really liked the sauce. I'm slightly allergic to prawns so I gave it to a sibling. Apparently the prawns were fresh but lacked a little bit of taste.

Its pretty hard to find tasty fried noodles in the area and I really liked the one from this stall. The only downside is when I tried to order one without vegetables, I was told they mass fry the noodles so they can't do that for me. It costs around $4.20 smile
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The fried prawn noodle that I tried is marvelous! Its worth queuing up for! The amount of gravy in it is just nice so that the noodle is not too wet nor too dry. However, its standard has dro...