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JAN 12

I wanted my fried springroll but it was sold out then during a busy lunch hour. I wanted a char siew pau next but it was sold out too. I decided to have a char siew puff since i was left with limited choices.

It was not disappointing but it failed to amaze me as well. It tasted rather average. The filling was the same for the char siew pau in a flaky pasty with sesame sprinkled on top. The filling was slightly sweet but rather juicy with nice char siew flavor.

Anyway, this is still not gonna be one of my top choices when i am at one of their many outlets to get my usual fix for afternoon snacks. I still love my fried springroll somewhat; i have tried many fried springrolls including those from the Old Chang Kee but still prefer the very one from Tiong Bahru Pau.

Char Siew Puff.

Char Siew Puff. - 中峇鲁饱点 in Tiong Bahru )
Char Siew Puff.
Tiong Bahru Pau is selling other snacks too and not just pau. I wanted my char siew pau but the stall assistant told me that it was sold out so i ordered char siew shu instead. The char siew su ...
i think they really use to have mouth watering dim sum before they expanded their business to many branches. I still remember the old day my grandma will bring back tiong bahru pau for tea time. I ha...