10 Worth Trying Restaurants for Chicken Rice in Singapore!
Hainanese chicken rice is one of Singapore’s many national treasures. The dish, which involves chicken being poached at sub-boiling temperatures to produce skin that’s rich in tenderness and lustiness, is the go-to food for many locals who are looking for a simple but fulfilling meal.

Naturally, that means we must go on an adventure to hunt down the best Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. Without further ado, let us see what we’ve found!

Let us deter from the main topic for a moment to inform that they also serve delectable Hainanese pork chops, so if you’re not into chicken, there’s that option. But, anyway, back to the topic — Chin Chin Eating House is one of the more well-known shops for Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore, so you know they mean serious business! They’ve been in the groove since 1934, charming locals all over the country with their power. If you haven’t fallen victim yet, then you should consider being next in line.

One problem we often face when it comes to Hainanese chicken rice is, it’s either too greasy or too dry. Luckily, we chanced upon Boon Tong Kee’s chicken rice where it’s right in between; juicy enough without being greasy. Now you can let your consciousness for your health rest and dig into a good ol’ plate!

Boneless chicken rice isn’t anything new, but certainly something to note as a "pro". Sometimes we just want a good plate of Hainanese chicken rice without having to chew the meat off bones, after all! Just like their name suggests, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice whips up toothsome Hainanese chicken rice — without the bones! Soups also differ depending on the day, so they make for a different experience every day.

We may know Tian Tian as that one famous Hainanese chicken rice shop as their reputation has skyrocketed ever since famous American chef Anthony Bourdain dined there. Many note Tian Tian for their extremely fragrant and silky rice, paired with luscious slices of poached chicken meat. A simple but heavenly combination that Tian Tian knows how to do right.

5. Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice 

You can push that diet aside for a day now as Sing Ho serves Hainanese chicken rice without sesame oil! Many people don’t realize it, but the lack of sesame oil makes a significant difference in its flavor — it’s more soy sauce-concentrated now, giving the plump meat more character in flavor as they readily soak up the sauce. Not to mention, the rice is cooked with vegetable oil and a special kind of chicken stock, eliciting a special kind of fragrance that pairs well with the chicken.

6. Pow Sing Restaurant 

Pow Sing boasts chicken meat with glossy, golden and crispy skins hovering over the tender and well-seasoned meat, served with a complimentary lime to squeeze over the end product. The sight of it will be enough to make your mouth water!

Ah-Tai rivals Tian Tian for the glorious title of "best chicken rice in Singapore". Formerly a staff at Tian Tian, the owner of Ah-Tai has moved on to create his own stall, serving chicken rice that’s just as delicious as Tian Tian’s, with his own personal spin on the flavor. If you have tried Tian Tian but not Ah Tai’s, we highly recommend checking them out as well!

Loy Kee is more or less considered the icon of Hainanese chicken rice culture in Singapore, flaunting a history of 64 years in said culture. Infinitely one of the best in Singapore, Loy Kee shows what it’s like to enjoy a fulfilling meal of Hainanese chicken rice with the options of other dishes that include BBQ pork and vegetables.

Ming Kee only serves white poached chicken, but roasted chicken fans may still find solace in a light lunch here as it’s wonderfully soft. In fact, it almost feels like they melt against your tongue! They soak their entire chickens in trays of ice cold water in order to make the meat firmer and the skin gelatine-like, resulting in a prettier appearance and overall stronger flavor.

Yeo Keng Nam has been said to be one of the best chicken rice shops in the whole country. They have made themselves a name with not only their succulent chickens but also their aromatic rice. The flavor is locked with every single grain, from the top to the bottom, providing an impressionable experience. Dip a spoonful of rice into the chili sauce and voila!
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