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Chicken Rice Hainanese Chicken Rice
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Level4 2014-01-24
Chicken rice ($16.80)We ordered both the white steamed chicken and roasted chicken, Yeo Keng Name has been around for many years and famous for the chicken rice, we have our expectations on the chicken since the shop has won many accolades and rave review. Unfortunately, both the steamed white chicken and roasted chicken turned out to be a complete disappointment. The steamed white chicken was not juicy or moist but hard and tough, it was featureless even with the sauce doused over it. The roasted chicken was not anything fair better. We are perplexing what really went wrong with YKN? How can a name associate with chicken rice produce such poor quality chicken? Are there using frozen chicken or “cut corner” when preparing the chicken? The rice was not impressive as well, it lacked of the fragrance from the chicken stock and the garlicky smell, it was a plate of rice without much of the character. Even the soup was not as tasty as any ordinary chicken rice stall on the street. The chili sauce was just….sigh….. enough for the critics but if you are a chicken rice fan, perhaps this is not the right place for you. Read our full review for their other dishes at http://ieatandeat.com/category/chicken-rice/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-22
Thanks to my foodie colleague who actually took extra efforts after our working hours by fetching us to Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice.Yeo Keng Nam (YKN) has been established since 1953 with its authentic serving of Hainanese Chicken Rice.Sharing the same plot of land with the car workshops and some old school looking provision shop, Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice stands out among the rest especially with their signature dishes and festive decors hanging all over the shop front.Even though, it looked pretty traditional but at a closer look, one would actually appreciate that YKN had won some awards over over the years. On top of that, there were pictures of overseas celebrities who actually patronized them.A step into the restaurant somehow had unwind me from the bustling city life. The place was calm and laid-back with the those traditional fore ceilings brightly install with down lights.A usual practice in the Chinese resturant, braised peanuts (appetizers) was served while waiting for order. Let's help ourselves with the power chilli, dark sauce and blended ginger in the condiments tray while waiting for the fowl to be served.Spot on! Expecting chicken stock in the bowl? No, it's more than what I can think of. It was actually a tasty serving of pig stomach soup, refillable with prompt service. Before dinner had arrived, my stomach was already filled with bowls of it. The fluffy rice tasted exceptional, each grain is whole and coated with a light layer of oil and the texture was good. Can you imagine that my colleague can actually finish a bowl of rice alone without any sides? Be-warn, its lip-smackingly good! Engulfed by the fragrance of dried shrimps use in this delightful baby french beans. What a wise choice! Though exterior looked abit dry but the crunch and taste was up to the mark, a very good dish to pair with the white rice.Here's come the starring dish that we had been waiting for! Half a poached chicken! Beside looking at the sensational texture of this glistening poached chicken, enjoy the plump and juicy flesh as you sink your teeth into them.Not only that, this sexy & voluptuous serving would definitely incite more helpings even if your stomach is about to fill. Having tried preparing Hainanese Pork Chop from home, I would say that theirs was very well done. The meat was tenderized and well seasoned with a light layer of batter that comes with crispiness which gave me the hint that they had adopted the use of crushed crackers pressed again the pork loin then fried it. It seemed that the slab of meat was pounded with mallet by loosening the meat fibers so as to achieve such tenderized standard.The use of sauce was proportionate, not overpowering with taste and crispiness of pork chop maintained at the acceptable manner. Perhaps the only lacking portion was the green peas which looked abit dry and fade in colors.Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of Singapore staples food which tourist would come hunting for. Where competitions were strong among the players, Yeo Keng Nam chicken rice is definitely one of the top 5 I had in my list now serving authentic Hainanese chicken rice and not forgetting its scrumptious plate of Hainanese Pork Chop.Another highlight was that, customers are spared from the additional charges as no GST and service charge will be incurred. To add on, one can actually skip the wet towels and appetizers to save more cost. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-18
Although taxes are not included here,prices of items are higher than average. Additonal egg costs $1 each and extra portion of rice at 90 cents.Place is with air-conditioning, ambience and service is okay. The chicken is tender and nicely marinated. I love their rice the most as it is very aromatic and addictive. I finished the rice even before finishing the meat. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-22
Located at quite an inconvenient spot, you can't really reach this place without a car or lots of walking and eagle eyes. It is quite a small shop, with only a few tables available. The good thing about this place is that it is air-conditioned and has round tables, so luckily after the long walk from Serangoon MRT, I could cool down in the shop.My friends and I ordered three dishes: Chicken + Rice - the must-order of this place since it is called "Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice"! I found the chicken a little too greasy and a bit tough. A little disappointed, but the rice is really quite tasty on its own and you don't even need extra soy sauce/chilli sauce to flavour it.The next two dishes that we ordered also overshadowed the chicken. The fried ngo hiang was really flavourful but quite salty - so accompany it with rice. We cannot get enough of it! The taugey was a bit bland, but I guess it might be because of the salty ngo hiang. It is also a healthier choice after eating those greasy chicken slices.Overall, I think the chicken itself does not live up to its reputation and needs more improvement. Not worth going down specially to try this. The other dishes are still good for a casual dinner if you're in the area. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-08
Beside their signature chicken rice in this stall, I also like to eat their deep fry meat rolls, which I more prefer than their chicken rice. The meat rolls are very crispy and not too oily and salt, which usually this may happen to most of the meat rolls from other food stalls. The ingredients in it are very generous which includes my favourite crunchy diced prawns, minced parsley, diced chestnut and juicy minced pork meat. The taste is really good and very fragrant too. Dip into their special made sweet sauce is really heavenly delicious. continue reading
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