5 Cafés for the Best Ambience
Cafés, especially hipster ones, have been the center of the youth’s attention and rage. Youngsters flock to them for the simple yet aesthetically pleasing architecture designs, the concept, the food, and most of all — the ambience.

Cafés are the best place to relax yourself and give yourself the spiritual boost you need. Without further ado, let’s get into these 5 cafés for the best ambience there is.

Hop onto the couch and relax your body as you dig into the delicacies they have to offer. The breakfasts are the most colourful choices on the menu. In particular, the English breakfast and Tunisian breakfast will leave you breathless with not only their flavours but also their presentations. Their beverages are also refreshing treats ready to cure your heatstroke!

PS. Café allows you to enjoy delicious food and admire the beautiful scenery outside the large glass windows that stands from the ceiling to the floor. If you visit the café on a nice evening, the ambience becomes akin to the kind you’d find in a romantic French restaurant. That aside, the food is just as nice! The Eggs Benedict and Chicken Rossa Penne are a must.

Wimbly Lu Chocolates is the type of place where you could sigh to yourself in peace. The spotlight, without a doubt, goes to their coffee and confectioneries. The Root Beer Cake is the most special. The appearance is like that of any other brownie, but it’s packed with the flavour of root beer. Root beers are usually drunk; now you get to eat it!

Sunday Market almost feels like a botanical garden. They specialize in Asian-styled Western food. The Smoked Salmon & Cheese Ice-cream Waffle brings forth an unusual combination by topping a waffle with vegetables, smoked salmon and cheese ice-cream — which will uniquely prove to be an appetizing treat.

Located near the Novena Medical Center, La Ristrettos present the perfect vintage-styled ambience for people stressing over doctor appointment to cool themselves in. A cup of coffee will be enough to nullify all your worries; maybe some of their food can further do the job. Either way, feel the relief and peace wash over you the moment you step into their grounds!
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