5 Cat Cafes in Singapore
cat cafes in singapore
Café-hopping has been the talk of town for quite a few months now and cafes of all kinds and themes have been sprouting up across Singapore. The most recent fad adopted from Japan – cat cafes! Did you know that there’s not just one, or two, but five cat cafes have opened in Singapore? It can be easy getting befuddled by all the furry cuteness. But not to worry. We have got just the list to get you started on your very own cat café hopping pilgrimage. 1. Cat Café Neko No Niwa
The first of its kind and likely ground zero for the cat café craze here in Singapore, Cat Café Neko No Niwa is probably the most established and well known of the group. After visiting several cat cafes in Japan, owners Sam and Sue decided to bring that idea back home and the first feline F&B place was born. We like how Cat Café Neko No Niwa tries to cater to everyone. Their website’s ‘Keep a Cat’ section, features useful information that any cat lover would like to know! Check out Cat Café Neko No Niwa here. Image credits: Cat Café Neko No Niwa 2. The Cat Café
Unlike the other local cat cafes, The Cat Café actually allows children as young as six (accompanied by adults of course) in to their premises. This is part of their efforts towards transforming Singapore into a society with more love and affection towards our four-legged animal friends, by starting this education young for future generations of Singapore. Thumbs up for that lofty goal and we are sure the kids are happy too. Check out The Cat Café here. Image credits: The Cat Cafe 3. Cuddles Cat Café
Now opened, Cuddles Cat Café stands as the largest cat café in Singapore by far. Its 2,500 square feet space at *SCAPE are ‘staffed’ by 28 furry felines to start, with plenty of room for more. Choose from 3 distinct themed zones inspired by Mother Nature - Sunset, Night and Sea. The café opens till 11pm daily, making it a very viable late-night hangout right in the centre of town. Their cheerful and animated website is highly interactive, with lovable moving GIFs of cats all round. Online booking is available as well, with a fixed number of bookings available in 1-hour slots daily - a plus for convenience. Check out Cuddles Cat Café here. Image credits: Cuddles Cat Café 4. Meomi Cat Café
meomi cat cafe
Whilst most cafes are very much selling the cutesy cuddly factor of their resident cats, Meomi Cat Café aims to balance out customers’ experiences by offering savoury pastries and beverages along with quality time with the cats. All paid entries include a complimentary drink. Cakes, coffees and cute cats. What’s not to like? Check out Meomi Cat Café here. Image credits: Meomi Cat Café 5. The Company of Cats
What started out as a clubhouse for cat owners has transformed itself into a cat café with books to read, delicious food and cuppa’ Joe. And of course the cats; who literally run the place with feline mugshots staring at you from the company organization chart. The café business just got real catty. Similar to Meomi Cat Café, The Company of Cats also rewards their patrons with a standard drink per entry and they charge no service charge & GST. Kudos for their corporate social responsibility, where a portion of the café’s profits go to Animal Lovers League, a local animal shelter. Check out The Company of Cats here. Image credits: The Company of Cats Text by Joreen Tan, Edited by Bernard Tan Updated: 3 October 2014 See Also: Check out these new spots for your cafe adventures Don't miss the best eats in town - check out OpenSnap now!
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