6 Night-time Dessert Places
We've all been there - it's 1am in the morning and we suddenly feel like eating something sweet. But the problem is we don’t know where to go to satisfy our midnight cravings. OpenRice has the answer for we listed down the dessert places which are open until early morning. Here they are:
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Address: Holland Village, 21A Lorong Liput Tel. No.: +65 6291 9727 Operation Hours: 6pm to 2am (Mon to Sat)
Where do you go when it's 2 in the morning and you ache for something sweet? Well, you head down to 2am:dessertbar. With a classy interior and elegant desserts, it may not be the best place to fulfill your craving in your jammies. But when you’re with that special someone and it suddenly hits you, this is a perfect location to chill. Try their Popcorn, a fusion of sweet, salty and tangy yuzu that surprisingly goes amazingly well together!
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Address: 246D Upper Thomson Road Tel. No.: +65 6452 0803 Operation Hours:12pm to 1am (Mon to Thurs); 1200 to 0200 (Fri to Sun & PH)
Located along Upper Thomson, the laid-back and friendly Udders always welcomes you and your sugar-deprived stomach with a smile. This increasingly popular ice cream chain is great for alcoholic ice cream flavours; their four bestsellers are Rum Rum Raisin, Orange Choc Bitters, Bailey's and Bourbon and Tira-miss-U. We guarantee that with all that alcohol, you'll sleep like a baby!
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Address: 01-11 Liang Seah Place Tel. No.: +65 6339 8198 Operation Hours: 1230 to 2:30am (Tues to Fri); 1130 – 2:30am (Sat & Sun)
If Western-style desserts aren't your thing, head on down to Liang Seah Place for some cool and sweet Chinese treats. We're talking old school desserts like Ginko with Barley and Beancurd Skin (Fu Zok) and Rock Sugar White Fungus with Papaya, or traditional milk pudding. Youngsters need not be worried though, more 'fashionable' items like Mango Sago and Pomelo and Black Glutinous Rice with Vanilla ice cream are also served. With more than 50 choices in the menu, we're sure that you'll find your cup of tea here.
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Address: 21 Lorong 24A Operation Hours: 24 Hours, Daily
Having a sweet craving but ice cream seems too sweet for your liking? Perhaps you need a more subtle kind of dessert from Yong He Dou Jiang. This is a Taiwan-style dessert place which specialises in soya bean, tau huey (both sweet and salty); and tau suan, which is a sweet dessert made from green beans. Situated in the more peaceful part of Geylang, you'll get your supper experience- dessert style- while you experience the nightlife in this part of town!
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Address: Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road #01-66 Operation Hours: 12pm to 12am (Thurs to Tues)
Ice Kachang is the ubiquitous Singaporean dessert, so we felt that it was absolutely necessary to include it into our dessert list! Introducing Hollywood Desserts, a small dessert stall located at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre that does ice kachang extremely well; giving you generous portions of attap chee and perfectly balancing the rose syrup and condensed milk proportions. The must-try here is the volcano ice kachang, where half a watermelon's flesh is scraped out and piled on shaved ice studded with all the ice kachang ingredients. We know, it sounds like heaven!
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Address: Serangoon Garden Estate, 11 Kensington Park Road Tel. No.:+65 6282 8126 Operation Hours: 4pm to 1am (Mon to Thurs); 4pm to 2am (Fri & Sat); 2pm to 2am (Sun & PH)
Tucked away in a residential estate, you'll find ICE3 Cafe a very pleasant place to indulge in a few late night sweets. Quiet and cozy, you can gobble down as many of their amazing mudpies as you can without anyone witnessing your sugar overload. Their waffles are also soft and fluffy, with butterscotch sauce drizzled on top of it, so if you're really craving something sweet, why not go for BOTH the mudpie and waffle? We promise we won't judge!

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