7 Places Where You Can Go Crazy for Coffee!
With the sudden rise of coffee places in Singapore, there has been an inevitable surge in artisan coffee places and specialty roasters. Move over Starbucks, small and independent coffee houses are now the new 'it' places to savour your cuppa. Spoilt for choice? We give you 7 artisanal coffee places. 1. Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Loysel's Toy
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Papa Palheta has gained a following in Singapore as an independent coffee roaster and boutique; and it supplies its beans to many other specialty stores around our garden city. Its two outposts, Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Loysel's Toy, are both booming in popularity, offering strong coffee and great interior design. Papa Palheta also has a strong online presence, offering coffee machines and other merchandise on its website, along with a large variety of coffee beans, specially procured and roasted by them. Coffee fanatics, what are you waiting for? --- Chye Seng Huat Hardware 150 Tyrwhitt Road Loysel's Toy Ture, 66 Kampong Bugis #01-02 Papa Palheta 2. Jimmy Monkey Cafe and Bar
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Sourcing beans from some of the best independent and Rainforest Alliance farms, Jimmy Monkey ensures a diversity of flavour with the coffee blends which changes every month. With the cafe's Slayer espresso machine, built by cafe creator Michael Ryan and boasting the title of the first Slayer in Singapore, strong and potent coffee is brewed - each ristretto shot is a precise and obsessively calibrated one. Visit this place for the most intense pull of espresso and a caffeine kick… you won't regret it. --- 9 One-north Gateway #01-51 One-north Residences 3. Yahava Koffeeworks
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Australians are influencing Singapore's coffee-verse tremendously with Yahava Koffeeworks, a specialty roaster that offers a plethora of beans and roasts, coming onto the scene. Nestled in Thomson, it offers both home and work delivery to ensure your daily caffeine fix. Moreover, it has coffee tastings everyday - from 9am to 5pm –which samples from 14 varieties of beans so that even newbies can learn to navigate between different kinds of coffee. In case you want some coffee merchandise for your home, the staff at Yahava Koffeeworks will be more than happy to find you something coffee-perfect. --- 4 Jalan Gelenggang 4. Toby's Estate
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Opened by another Australian is Toby's Estate in Robertson Quay. Originally founded down under by coffee connoisseur Toby Smith, Toby's Estate has joined Singapore's budding Third Wave Coffee movement with its coffee beans sourced directly from farmers. This an effort on its part to promote sustainability and fairer trade conditions for producers in developing countries. Toby's Estate offers signature house blends of various Arabica beans, but also brings in single origin beans from all over the world to provide customers with different flavours and choices. With such a veteran behind Toby's Estate, you know you're in good hands. --- 8 Rodyk Street, Robertson Quay 5. D'Good Cafe
Hankering after some good and expensive coffee? D'Good offers just the thing; it carries kopi luwak, one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world. Kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee, is made from coffee beans that are ingested, digested, and then pooped out by civet cats. The digestion process alters the beans' chemical makeup to ensure that the coffee produced is richer, smoother and tastes like chocolate, thus making it high in demand. If civet poop isn't your thing, you can always opt for a cup of coffee from their on-site roasted beans; d'Good Cafe even allows customers to customise their own blends using a range of single origin beans to optimise their drinking experience. A good spot to drink good coffee, d'Good Cafe has done it right. 6. Maison Ikkoku
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Head on over to trendy Haji Lane to grab a cuppa at Maison Ikkoku - it offers a variety of artisanal coffees brewed using four different methods- filtered, french-press, drip and syphon- for customers can choose their preference. Other than highlighting different flavours and depths of the coffee, these various methods also showcase the baristas' superb training by celebrity barista and latte art specialist Hiroshi Sawada, who is the world champion in the annual Free Pour Latte Art Competition. Maison Ikkoku's coffee beans hail from Brazil and Ethiopia and are roasted weekly, so indulge of their signature coffee, the MI Latte, admire the gorgeous latte art, and enjoy the smooth velvety milk and caffeine buzz. --- 20 Kandahar Street 7. Revolution Coffee
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Last but not least we have Revolution Coffee, the new but increasingly popular coffee place. Using Australian Single Origin's Reservoir Road as its house blend, the coffees are creamy with subtle caramel notes and make a gorgeous latte or cappuccino. It also brings in other local or international roasts occasionally, allowing customers to explore and learn about different flavours. Not just popular for their coffee, Revolution Coffee also serves up great food, with Chef Shen Tan (from the now defunct Wok and Barrel) helming the kitchen. Be sure to try the sandwiches and pastas, or go for their banana bread, which can sell out as early as 9am! --- 21 Media Circle, #01-03A The Third Wave Coffee movement is definitely hitting Singapore hard, and with independent coffee shops sprouting like mushrooms, Singapore's coffee scene can only go up. So here's to all those coffee maniacs out there; thanks for giving us great coffee. See Also: More cafes to chill and relax at More western food to satisfy your tastebuds
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