A Gem in the East
Snuggled in between Singapore’s cultural strips and the bustling business district, Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel offer comes an exquisite and oriental dining experience at the hotel’s Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant. Opened in December 2007, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant has since revolutionised the art of modern Cantonese cuisine with its wide selection of intricate Cantonese cuisine, traditional Hong Kong dim sum and an extensive list of wine labels to complement each meal. The restaurant itself is a piece of art, with its wooden chairs, tables, shelves and floors juxtaposed with Chinese paintings on the pillars, eluding a fine-dining experience without the aloofness. In fact, it makes you feel at home, exactly like what its name suggests. Combine a relaxed atmosphere with it’s newly introduced executive set menus and shuttle bus service that brings visitors to and fro Changi Aiport in approximately 15 minutes, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant is an ideal dining spot for overseas busy executives in town for business meetings. Award-winning executive chef, Lee Tuck Seng, with over four decades of culinary experience presented his art of cooking in his dishes. OpenRice recommends Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant's Executive Set lunch C at $68 a 5 course delicate flow of Chinese cuisine. Now, on to the killer main courses of authentic Chinese food. Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant's Superior Shark's Fin in Double Boiled Shark's Cartilage Soup is both appetizing visually and in taste. The shark’s fin is of a quality gelatinous texture, fibrous without being too chewy, just like how well-done shark’s fins ought to be.
Shark's Fin in Double Boiled Shark's Cartilage Soup
You may be a greater fan of the traditional chicken broth blended with fluffy egg white but the shark’s cartilage soup will make a nice change of fragrance, comprising of other ingredients such as American Ginseng and fish maw, the latter of which doesn’t have any distinct flavor, but texture was wonderfully chewy. Next up is a combination of Combination of Roasted Chicken, Vegetarian Goose and Jellyfish. Compared to the previous generous serving of Superior Shark’s Fins in Shark’s Cartilage soup, this dish came in a serving that serves to tempt and tease your taste buds.
Roasted Chicken, Vegetarian Goose and Jellyfish
The roast chicken and vegetarian goose came warm and crispy and in brown sauce in two pieces each, while the jellyfish came in a bundle. With only a hint of robust flavor, it will leave you begging for more. Baked Prawns with Curry Leaves and Egg Floss is a winner. The aroma of the curry leaves could be sniffed from inches away. You will love the sourish buttery sauce to it. Your tastetuds will long for more of the white meaty flesh infused with a subtle spicy tangy taste. Forget about peeling the prawn. The baked prawns has a unique crisp shell that offers you an irresistible urge to chew off the entire prawn. So yes. You can try eating the whole prawn in a single bite.
Baked Prawns with Curry Leaves and Egg Floss
And if you love fresh fish and noodles, you'll love Homemade Noodle with Grouper Fillet and Red Chilli which was savoury as it can be. You'll like the light zest of red capsicums that accentuate this light, savoury noodle dish that's graced with generous slices of fresh Grouper fillets. Absolutely delightful.
Homemade Noodle with Grouper Fillet and Red Chilli
By the time the Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream in Young Coconut came, you may be stuffed to the brim, but don't be surprised if you still manage to finish this finale because, the desert wasn't made from heavy coconut milk. Coconut milk, the usual ingredient for Black Glutinous Rice was replaced by vanilla ice cream which was much lighter, but still as tasty.
Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream in Young Coconut
Ranging from $38 to $68, The Executive Set Menus at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant contain 4 separate menu sets, each of which boasts a selection of 4 menu choices. The 4 menu sets are rotated on a weekly basis, but because of the extensive choices that each menu set brings, you could enjoy a different culinary fare twice or even thrice in a row! Currently, you can enjoy 50% off every second selection of Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant's exquisite Executive Set Menus. Discount is valid for the lowest priced menu only. If you've never tried exquisite Cantonese fine dining, you must visit Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant. Don't miss out on these dishes from the Chinese cuisine! Fine dining for a little unwinding
OpenRice SG Editor
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