A night of Irish food & culture at Mulligan's
Few weeks back, we held a contest to invite 5 selected OpenRicers to ORTU - Openrice Tasty Union (OpenRice's very own weekly food tasting sessions for foodies at Mulligan's, the first Irish concept bar in Clarke Quay. The contest in question was about what is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the Irish. Being a typical Singaporean, the first thing that came to mind was the clover leaf accessories such as key chains, pendants and handphone charms that was known to bring luck to the owner. However I felt so ashamed when I chanced upon a comment left by an OpenRicer that the clover leaf (aka Shamrock) is more than just a lucky charm, it was actually the national symbol of Ireland! That's the best thing about food. Apart from a wonderful conversation starter, it also connects people of diverse culture and beliefs all around the world. :) Why hasn't any one comments' include Irish celebrities? Didn you know that the actor once dubbed as Sexist-Man-Alive and whom played James Bond, Pierre Brosnan, is Irish? Or how about the dashing boy band turned successful solo artiste, Ronan Keating, who sang 'When you say nothing at all'...... If you had caught the television ads, I'm sure you recall the magical effects of Gatsby's facial wash on transforming the silly looking man to a charming Takuya Kimura. Does the infamous Irish stew have similar uncanny powers to turn you into Mr Bond or bless you with the charm and voice of Mr Keating? You can certainy try your luck at Mulligan's. :) Upon entering Mulligan's, one is immediately greeted with authentic Irish bric-a-brac, the posters and photos of famous Irish personalities displayed prominently on the wall that brings to visitors a dose of the quaint Irish charm. The sight of an old Irish couple enjoying their meal in a cosy corner in Mulligan's brought was reminiscent of a scene right out of an Irish movie.
Moving on to the food, my personal favourite dishes for the night were Scotch Egg and Steak & Cheese Pie. Prepared in authentic Irish style, both dishes manage to hit all the right spots in my taste buds. With every bite of the Scotch Egg, the taste of breaded crumbs on the outside worked perfectly with the tenderness of the egg within. As for the Steak & Cheese Pie, it teased and tentalised my taste buds with the cheesy texture on the exterior and while keeping the fragance of the other ingredients a secret to be discovered on the first bite.
Scotch Egg served with Salad & Chips
Steak & Cheese Pie served with Braised Beef, Stewed Carrots, Potatoes, Mash or Bread
For beer lovers, be sure to sample the authentic Irish signature dishes such as Mulligan's Guinness Hotdog and the Fish & Chips. Having tasted the Fish & Chips, most of us agreed that apart from the fish being crispy and well battered with beer, it had a unique taste that you do not normally find in similar dishes.
Mulligan's Fish & Chip. Beer Battered Fish, Chips & Tartar Sauce
The curry Beef Rendang, however, cast a huge question-mark above our heads when it was served - the question on everyone's mind being the connection of curry to the Irish. Luckily Chef Ivan stepped in to solve this riddle for us. Localizing and creating fusions from Irish food and the Asian palaate is what differentiates Mulligan's from the rest and appeal to both the locals and tourists. Hence, don't be surprised to find satay (with a choice of chicken, mutton and beef) or Sweet & Sour fish with Plain White Rice here too!
Beef Rendang - Beef cubes cooked in Coriander base & desiccated coconut served with butter raisin rice.
If you still have room for desserts, try out the Apple Crumble. One of the best apple crumble i have tasted - the perfect combination of crunchy crust made from well blended flouor, the warm crumble, and the smooth cool vanilla ice cream made for a perfect dessert to end a wonderful meal.
If you choose to only EAT in an Irish bar, you wont know what you are missing. With the Irish being well known for their draught beer & bocktails, pair your choice of cuisine with some Guinness or bocktails like Black & Tan or Snake Bite to immerse yourself into the whole Irish experience. Or if you are having a hearty stew, pair it with some red wine instead. Even without the food, there's no harm in having some drinks over at the Mulligan's bar!
If you are itching for a hearty Irish meal or a beer or two over screenings of popular sports activities like rugby, English Premier League, tennis and golf to name a few on the multiple plasma screens that show live or recorded programmes across various sports channels, make Mulligan's your choice. With the hearty dinner and fun conversation with Chef Ivan accompanied by soothing live Irish music performing every Thursdays to Saturdays, we thoroughly enjoyed the Irish food & culture night at Mulligan's. Share with us your Irish experience at Mulligan's with OpenRicers. The best bars and lounges for a night out More places to dine at in Clarke Quay
OpenRice SG Editor
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