Bakery Treats as Christmas Gifts!
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The season of giving and receiving is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you’re going to give to your loved ones? If you’re still clueless, the bakery is the perfect place to go to. During the Christmas season, it seems to transform into a Willy Wonka land where you can find just about any Christmas treats such as cakes, chocolates and sweets! Here are some of the goodies you can find in a bakery:
Photo courtesy of nuchylee
Gingerbread Man The perfect treat for kids, gingerbread men appear in almost every bakery during the holiday season. Shaped like a man with stubby arms and legs, this is made even cuter with its face and body decorated with icing or chocolate! Pound Cake Aside from the log cake, the pound cake is also a popular Christmas treat you can buy at your favourite bakeshop. This varies in shape, size and flavour. But one thing remains the same: it’s always a favourite during this time of the year! Christmas Log Cake What Christmas celebration would be complete without the beloved log cake? Aptly named because it resembles a log, it is usually decorated with leaves and made as an edible centre piece during a Christmas gathering. Stollen This Christmas pastry is similar to a fruit cake, in the sense that this bread is mixed with assorted fruits and candies. One good thing about this is that it is low in sugar, so this is the perfect treat for those watching their weight. See Also: Check out these bakeries for more treats to give for christmas Or explore these cake shops for Christmas
Christmas in Singapore
Christmas goodies
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