Best Fish Head Steamboat in Singapore
A comfort food for many, fish head steamboats are still best eaten over flaming black charcoal that enhance and bring out the flavours of the soup broth we all love. Traditionally, either pomfret or red grouper fish is used, together with other ingredients such as yam and cabbage. Here is a list of the 5 best fish head steamboats you can find in Singapore. 
1. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner
Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat
Driving or walking by North Bridge Road, you might have come across Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat that sees a constant crowd. Here, you can choose between different fishes to use for your steamboat with the most popular choice being the Pomfret Fish. Mouth-watering and rich soup base aside, we love the endless soup refills and vegetable medley that is best eaten with a bowl of steamed white rice. Fish Head Steamboat starts from $28 onwards for 2 pax. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner, 814 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198780 (Image: Openrice user, BlackTulip)
2. Xin Yuan Ji
Xin Yuan Ji
Located walking distance away from the bustling Bugis Street area is Xin Yuan Ji, at Tan Quee Lan Road. We’re not surprised that this restaurant is always packed with people; the efficient staff and the quality of food are certainly up to standard. The popular choice of fish amongst customers here is the Red Snapper, boiled in a rich broth over piping hot charcoal. Red Snapper Head Steamboat starts from $30 for 2 pax. Xin Yuan Ji, 31 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-01, Singapore 188117 (Image: Openrice user, spherepiece)
3. Hualong Fish Head Steamboat
Hualong Fish Head Steamboat
With a comforting aroma of a rich broth, fresh fish and vegetables, Hualong Fish Head Steamboat hits the spot for us. Cooked with chicken, anchovies, yellow beans, grinded sole fish, dried shrimps, sour plum and dang gui powder for hours over flaming charcoal, the soup base of this steamboat is filled with incredible umami. Besides being highly addictive, the fish head steamboat here is made with fresh red grouper that is tender and slightly sweet. Hualong Charcoal Steamboat starts from $28.80 onwards. Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, Blk 347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-2142, Singapore 560347 (Image: Openrice user, ilovedawn)
4. 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat
If you’re around the Chinatown area and craving for unpretentious comfort food, this is the place to be. Nothing feels quite like the taste of warm soup over rice and 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat serves one of the best and most authentic ones around. The fish and yam slices are first pan-fried before simmering in the milky soup broth, bringing out the natural flavours. Fish Head Steamboat prices start from $20 onwards. 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat, 291 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058836 (Image: wensdelight)
5. Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat
If you remember dining by the alley-way having delicious fish head steamboat then chances are you’re talking about Tian Wai Tian at Serangoon Road. With a total of three outlets island-wide to date, Tian Wai Tian is always packed fully, especially during dinner hours with countless returning customers. As with most fish head steamboat restaurants, you can choose between red grouper or pomfret fish, but we suggest going for the meatier and sweeter red garoupa. Fish Head Steamboat starts from $20 onwards. Tian Wai Tian, Yi He Eating House, 638 Veerasamy Road #01-101, Singapore 200638 (Image: Openrice user, izumizhou) See Also: Must try local faves Favourite steamboat places
Written by Cheryl Chong
Fish Head Steamboat
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