Can You Handle These Weird Beer Flavours?
How can we ever get tired of beer? Aside from the refreshing feeling we get when we drink them, breweries from all over the world seem to pique our interest with new flavours they come up with regularly. Most of the time, we love these new offerings but there are moments when their concoctions make us raise our eyebrows and say, WTH? Well, here are some of the weirdest beer flavours ever invented. Wanna try ‘em? 1. Pizza Beer Best Paired With: Pizza
Photo by Mamma Mia
The idea of the pizza beer was born in a small town in Illinois, USA. Tom and Athena Seefurth of Mamma Mia had a surplus of tomatoes and garlic, so they decided to do something brilliant with it. In 2006, they came up with the pizza beer dubbed as “The World’s First Ever Culinary Beer”. To create this interesting beverage, Margherita pizza is mashed and made into a teabag. With a few more ingredients, it’s brewed, boiled, and fermented with hops. 2. Imperial Crème Brulee Stout Best Paired With: Vanilla Ice Cream
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The addition of vanilla (lots and lots of it) to the brew makes this beer very sweet; sugary enough that it just tastes like popular French dessert, crème brulee. Despite the alcohol volume of 10%, the untrained palate won’t easily detect it for it’s masked with the rich and milky custard flavour. 3. Maple Bacon Ale Best Paired With: Doughnuts
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For this artisanal creation, Rogue Ales has collaborated with Voodoo Doughnuts to come up with a wacky beer with a hint of applewood smoked bacon and maple syrup. This flavour is actually inspired from the doughnut company’s best-seller. It may sound like a crazy combination, but it actually works (surprisingly). 4. Mongozo Coconut Best Paired With: Thai Food
Photo by Mongozo
Mongozo has quite a few offerings when it comes to its beer flavours. They have the Mango, Banana, and Coconut. The latter seems to be the perfect companion when you’re lying on the beach on a hot and sunny day. It has the trademark refreshing coconut flavour, yet has that kick due to the alcohol content. Most would argue that this is an acquired taste, so don’t be let down on first sip. Finish the whole bottle! 5. Avocado Ale Best Paired With: Mexican Food
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Californians love their avocados, so much that their local brewery has come up with the fruit-flavoured beer to celebrate the Avocado Festival. It’s a sweet-smelling concoction made with guacamole ingredients of lime, cilantro and you guessed it – avocado. No word yet if this will be a regular from Angel City Brewery; but we hope it would be. 6. Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout Best Paired With: Steaks
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Pour into the glass and you will easily notice the pitch black colour of this exotic beer. Made with coffee beans and slightly flavoured with chocolate, this makes a perfect wake-me-up drink due to the caffeine added to the brew. 7. Watermelon Wheat Beer Best Paired With: Salads
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This beer tastes like summer in a can. Created by brewing the wheat bear the classic way, the second fermentation features real watermelon to give it that refreshing flavour. Some may argue that it tastes like fresh juice, but it actually has an alcohol content of 4.9%. Don’t be deceived by its fruity aroma and flavour! It’s real beer which will give you that high. 8. Coconut Curry Best Paired With: Desserts
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Sweet and spicy – those are the words which best describe this beer by New Belgium Brewing. On first sip, there’s a slight sweet taste to it coming from the coconut milk flavour; when you drink it, the spiciness from the curry and ginger then overpower everything. It’s like drinking Thai curry, but there’s so much more character to it. Strange, but definitely interesting. Now, tell us. Are there any flavours you’re willing to try? See Also: Bars and lounges worth checking out Satisfy your cravings with the nearest restaurant
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