Cooking CNY Dishes with ToTT’s Chef Eric Low
In preparation for the coming Year of the Snake, ToTT conducted a CNY Workshop where renowned Chef Eric Low prepared three special recipes to teach. Despite the nonstop rain that Sunday afternoon, the cooking class was all abuzz with eager OpenRicers and other participants who couldn’t wait to learn new dishes for the special occasion.
Chef Eric Low, who has been teaching at ToTT since it opened in 2010 gives a brief intro of himself
After a brief introduction about himself, Chef Eric then lined up the ingredients for the first dish: the Crispy Fish Fillet with Caramelized Shallots and Basil Leaves According to Chef, this is a good dish you can have for CNY because fish, as we all know, is a symbol of abundance. This recipe is also flexible for you can use any fish you like—grouper, snapper, codfish, and dory. But for this session, Chef chose dory for it’s the easiest to work with. After showing how this dish was prepared, he then put it in bowls for the participants to taste.
Crispy Fish Fillet with Caramelized Shallots and Basil Leaves
“This dish is very easy to do,” OpenRicer Wendy Go said after she finished her portion. She also added that since it was very flavourful, it would go well with rice. When everyone had finished eating, Chef Eric grabbed their attention and introduced the second dish: Steam Ginger Marinated Chicken with Jin Hua Ham and Mushrooms. For this recipe, Chef mentioned that you can also use Parma Ham, but if you want a more intense flavour, stick with Jin Hua. While demonstrating the dish, Chef encouraged the participants to ask questions for he wanted to make the session more interactive. Once the Q&A was over, the chicken dish was also cooked and tasting portions were then given to them.
Steam Ginger Marinated Chicken with Jin Hua Ham and Mushrooms
“Chef made the chicken really tender and flavourful,” commented OpenRicer Amy. Apparently that was also what the other guests thought of as most of them finished their portions in a jiffy.
Longevity Noodles with Superior Stock and Quail Eggs
After a quick break, Chef went on to prepare the third and last recipe of the day: Longevity Noodles with Superior Stock and Quail Eggs. Out of the all the dishes, this was probably the most complicated to do. But with Chef Eric’s guidance, he made it look easy to cook. First, he boiled the noodles for a few minutes before he heated the oil and sautéed the other ingredients. Then, he assembled it and voila, the dish was served!
The happy bunch of OpenRicers who braved the rain to attend Chef Eric's Cooking Demo
Everyone got a taste of the last dish before they went home with full tummies and big smiles on their faces. Interested to attend ToTT's cooking classes, click here to check the rates and schedule! See Also: Search here for more fish dishes Check out eateries nearby
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