Eat like Royalty at Paradise Dynasty
With its mesmerizing setting designed to capture the bygone era of Imperial China in a contemporary fashion, you’ll find it hard not to be drawn to enter Paradise Dynasty, a new restaurant opened on 15 September 2010 by the Paradise Group, located right at the heart of Singapore’s shopping belt at ION Orchard.
Upon entering Paradise Dynasty, you’ll will be wowed by the restaurant’s plush dining ambience and panoramic views of Orchard Road with an expansive 206-seater that is adorned with textured wood pillars and wall panels made from 100 year old timber and dressed in rich deluxe colours like gold and red for a stunning contrast. The restaurant’s dining space is further enhanced by the mood lighting of the customized chandeliers which are replicas of imperial court lamps, and the golden sculptural centerpiece, a befitting backdrop for a Qing Dynasty Emperor’s throne.
The devil is in the details, and Paradise Dynasty embraces this well with its fancy theatrics of waitresses in kung-fu costumes, open kitchen showcasing Chefs expertly pulling their La Mian, and did we mention? While we're waiting for the others arrive, the tea master from China came and wowed us with his long spouted tea pot. OpenRice got this captured for your viewing pleasure: Are you a lover of Xiao Long Baos? If you are, then you're in a for a treat with their psychedelic dish of eight different types of Xiao Long Baos, each flavour coming in a different playful color. We had loads of fun teasing our taste-buds with the ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, cheesy, crab roe, garlic and szechuan flavors! For optimum tasting, you'll have to start from the original flavor and follow the sequence given to you on a flyer, ending with the strongest tasting Szechuan Xiao Long Bao. CEO Eldwin Chua of the Paradise Group, Executive Chef Fung Chi Keung and the team of chefs all had a hand in the making of the Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, and after many rounds of tasting and testing, they're finally ready to present them to the public that can be ordered in a specialty sampling basket at $13.80 for 8 pieces.
Another highlight of Paradise Dynasty is the 18 types of La Mian (hand-pulled noodles) freshly made in full view of diners in the open kitchen into fine and silky threads which are then served with an assortment of soups, sauces and ingredients. Highly recommended are the La mian with sliced pork in signature pork bone soup ($9.80), La mian with braised pork belly in signature pork bone soup ($10.80), and the piquant La mian with poached marble beef in Szechuan style ($10.80). A lot of attention is lavished on the signature stock which uses ingredients like pork bone, pork ribs and whole chicken and it is simmered over slow fire for 12 hours before being served.
La Mian with Poached Marbled Beef in Szechuan Style, Paradise Dynasty
La Mian with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Broth Soup
For comfort food, you have the affordable range of Shanghainese dim sum with the likes of Steamed Tianjin buns ($3.80/ 3pcs), the light and flaky Radish pastry ($3.60/ 3 pcs), and Pork dumplings with hot chilli sauce ($4.80). The extensive menu also showcases a selection of hot and cold appetisers that range from a simple yet addictive Pickled cabbage with spicy sauce ($3.80), and Chilled assorted eggs loaf in Yang Zhou style ($6.00), to a spicy Assorted beef and organs in Szechuan sauce ($8.50) that is boldly seasoned with peppercorns, sesame, peanuts and parsley, which you either love or hate. Perfect for sharing with friends or family are the variety of fried meat, seafood, vegetable and rice dishes. Definite crowd pleasers include the tender Braised pork belly ($12), Wok fried sliced pork with sweet & sour sauce ($12), and Deep-fried diced chicken in Szechuan style ($10). Do leave room for unique desserts like Soufflé egg white balls stuffed with red bean and Banana ($4.50), Chilled aloe vera and osmanthus jelly in honey lemon juice ($3.50), and Glutinous rice dimpling in fermented rice wine ($4.20).
Deepfried chicken in Szechuan style ($10)
Chilled Jellyfish with assorted seafood
The next time you're at Ion Orchard and looking for a Chinese restaurant that not only pays close attention to its food but also goes all the way out to ensure that you'll get an imperial dining experience with its well designed interior and fancy theatrics, be sure to drop by Paradise Dynasty on the fourth floor of ION Orchard. More Chinese dishes to indulge yourself in Fine dining options to keep an eye out for
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