Food Review: 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit E!GHT Korean BBQ
You’ve probably heard about E!GHT Korean BBQ - the latest restaurant to join the cluster of eateries at The Central, Clarke Quay. Brought to you by Jamie and Kristin Lim (who also gave us Sticky candies), the owners wanted to introduce a unique dining concept to a country where foodies are always on the lookout for new eateries to try. It was during a trip to the United States when the couple discovered high quality BBQ meats at a Korean restaurant. The couple then decided to bring this idea back home. Hence, the concept for E!GHT was born. With all the Korean restaurants in Singapore popping up everywhere, you then ask yourselves if this is worth a try. To help you decide, we give you 8 reasons: 1. Sleek and modern interior
For the couple’s first venture into the restaurant business, they didn’t want E!GHT to look ordinary. For the interior, they gave it a modern and industrial look with the use of raw concrete and steel. The walls are accented with bricks imported from century-old buildings in Korea to give it a warm touch. 2. Dual-purpose, customised furniture
The couple also took the time to customise the furniture for the restaurant. The tables double as stoves where you can grill your food. These also feature compartments underneath for storing cutleries and napkins. Another compartment holds your gadgets and keeps them safe from food splatters and the like. As for the drum-like stools – you can remove the cushions and put your belongings inside. 3. Daily dose of K pop music Staying true to the whole Korean vibe, K-pop is the only type of music you can listen to at this restaurant. The television screens on the walls only play music videos from Korean artists. So, expect to hear a lot of Psy, Big Bang, and other mainstream bands. 4. Proper ventilation and smoke vents
After enjoying a good meal at a Korean restaurant, the tendency is that the food smell sticks to you. The restaurant has managed to solve that problem by installing a couple of air vents to suck the smoke. There are also a couple of wall fans to make sure that air circulates. 5. The 8 Colour Set
Another interesting concept of the restaurant is its colour sets. The recommended is the 8 Colours Set ($98) which is made up of 100% Berkshire pork from the US. Each thick and juicy strip is marinated in eight different ways: original (where you can savour the cut at its best), wine, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso, red pepper paste. Just like wine, it’s recommended that you begin with the lighter (original) to bolder taste so you can fully appreciate the meats’ essence. Since this item is big enough for 3 to 4 pax, we’d say that it was pretty worth it for all you meat lovers! Since these cuts were marinated for about 4 hours, the meats are quite flavourful and are served with pineapple or chilli sauce. For us, we preferred the pineapple for it gave the marinated meat a refreshing character. Other notable sets are the 4 Colours Set ($58), which is a smaller version of the complete set; and the Flower Pork Set ($58) which comprises pork belly and jowl in salt and pepper. The sets mentioned come with homemade Banchan, Seafood Bean Paste Stew, and Scorched Rice Soup to cleanse the palate. 6. Other food must-haves
Aside from the Colour Sets, there are other must-try items from E!GHT’s menu. Do try the beef items such as the Ribeye Steak ($58), Beef Belly Slices ($38), Beef Brisket ($38), and Boneless Short Rib ($58). These all come in 200g servings so they can really fill up a starving group. 7. Extensive drinks selection Any meal won’t really be complete without drinks. At E!GHT, you can opt for the Special Lemon Tea ($3) which is concocted with Korean citron. It has a very distinct tangy taste with little bits of citron mixed in with the drink. For those who prefer alcohol, there’s an extensive selection of Korean drinks which include Hite Beer ($8), Raspberry Wine ($35), and Camisul Sojo ($20). 8. Lunch Special: Chul Pan (Specialty Hot Grill)
For the lunch crowd, the restaurant has created the Chul Pan, an elegant tower of thinly-sliced meats atop assorted vegetables. Two kinds of meat are required for this order; and you can choose from Chicken ($15), Pork Belly ($16) and Beef Brisket ($17). Vegetables used here are quite fresh. The serving’s also big enough for 3 not-so-hungry people, so it’s perfect for sharing! See Also: Try out these recommended korean restaurants Enjoy korean bbq with your group of family or friends!
Written by Dudi Aureus
E!GHT Korean BBQ
Korean Restaurant
The Central Mall
Clarke Quay
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