Fork Tender, Finger Licking Good Ribs

Morganfields charming Southern hospitality and good ol’ fashion American food. Having almost 5 years of experiences in churning tasty rib sauce, Morganfields has served more than 150,000 pounds of delicious and off-the-bone delicate ribs yearly. Serving American food which come in large portions to what we experience with drink and food sizes at restaurants. So, it is recommended to visit Morganfields with your friends or family and have a hearty meaj. Morganfields has three branches in Singapore such as Vivo City, Suntec City and The Star Vista. Visiting the branch at Suntec City is convenient. It is just a stone’s away from Promenade MRT Station and plenty of car park spaces found at Suntec City. With the bright and eye-catching Morganfields signage and American shop front design, you certainly can’t miss out on Morganfields at Suntec City. On the other hand, I have one Morganfields giveaway voucher to my Instagram followers @foodgemsg from 6 to 9 March 2017. Direct Instagram post can be found at the end of this post. Are you ready for a sneak preview of Morganfields Menu? Let’s go!

The starters made a bang with chicken wings marinated in Morganfields secret spice mix. An irresistibly crisp coating, while spice powder provides a flavour boost. No greasy lips and fingers after munching! Thumbs up!!

Morganfields Golden Fried Wings (3 pieces) at S$12.90.

If you are looking for something green, may wish to consider a bowl of healthy apple and chicken salad. It makes a good choice for diet conscious eater. The boneless and skinless chicken breast meat is grilled and paired with red, green apple slices on a bed of fresh mesclun greens. As you know, grilled chicken breasts often come out dry and bland. Dressing marinade is the prelude to a tasty grilled chicken.

Morganfields Apple & Chicken Salad at S$17.90.

Corn tortilla chips baked with cheese. Perfect topping with irresistible tender pulled ribs, housemade Chilli Concarne, corn salsa, jalapenos and a dollop of sour cream. The portion is huge and I’m already 90% full on the third dish. Cons of eating this; chucks of nacho chips stick together. It is a little difficult to detach the nacho chips after half an hour or so. So, you can’t be too gentle while eating this! Just slice or pull it hard like a man. Otherwise, just eat it while its still hot!

Morganfields Loaded Chilli Nachos at S$13.90.

Beat the heat with Morganfield’s new Granny’s Apple Lychee Tea and Watermelon Iced Tea. Refreshing companion to your meaj.

Here comes the main lead of the night. Things that I look out for BBQ ribs, appearance, scent and pork flavour. All checked! Amazing creation of rich, dark, intense Kansas BBQ sweet sauce that flawlessly complements with sticky bones spare ribs. Besides the savoury BBQ sweet sauce, the ribs are slow-cooked till its fork tender and off-the-bone. It also comes with a hint of flame-kissed caramelisation, loving it!  That’s not all, it is also served with french fries and coleslaw.

Morganfields Kansas Sweet BBQ Sticky Bones (Half Slab at S$27.90, Full Slab at S$42.90).

Coming up with Hickory BBQ sauce for your BBQ sticky bones. BBQ sticky bones with hickory smoke, grilled and basted with Hickory BBQ sauce. Somehow, it tasted like our “bak gua” (Chinese salty-sweet dried meat). I would prefer the former as the meat is more tender with a sweet hint.

Morganfields Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones (Half Slab at S$27.90, Full Slab at S$42.90).

Sweet or Hickory for your sticky bones?

Although Golden beer-battered hoki fish fillets is not the main lead, it’s one of my favourites. Beer makes a good base for batter fish with golden brown colours and yummy fried flavours. So, does beer batter taste like beer? Yes, with a hint of beer. The hoki fish fillets is sandwiched with lettuce, tangy coleslaw and tartar sauce. Finalised between slices of warm ciabatta bread and french fries. Opt for some chilli sauce or ketchup to keep your taste buds on their toes.

Morganfields Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich at S$21.90.

Healthier choice of Norwegian salmon seasoned with Cajun spice and grilled. It is served on a bed of roast potatoes and topped with tangy corn salsa.

Morganfields Blackened Salmon at S$23.90.

A juicy, plump half chicken marinated in spicy tequila, lime, paprika and char-grilled to perfection. This marinade hits all the right notes: spicy, acidic and earthy. The chicken is also off-the-bone, thumbs up. It is served with tasty roast potatoes and a side salad.

Morganfields Tequila Spiked Chicken at S$24.90.

PB&J Mudslide has deep chocolate flavour, thanks to a combo of chocolate ganache and brownies. The sweet savoury taste of peanut butter cream and jelly and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Chocolate and peanut butter lovers love this dessert!

Morganfields PB&J Mudslide at S$9.90.

Homemade moist chocolate cake encasing a warm chocolate lava surprise. Served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Morganfields Chocolate Lava Cake at S$15.90.

Morganfields Bread Pudding is a good evening recharge after work. Comforting homemade bread pudding with a dense consistency. The best part about this bread pudding? It is served with Jack Daniel’s whiskey sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Morganfields Bread Pudding at S$11.90.

While the dining area and bar are important parts of restaurant interior, don’t forget the outside area. Comfortable dining and conversation space with your friends and family. I would preferably rank these 3 favourite dishes (Golden Fried Wings, Kansas Sweet BBQ Sticky Bones and Bread Pudding) and Blackened Salmon being the least favourite.

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