FUKU Introduces a New Fugu Hotpot Menu
FUKU - Red Miso Fugu Hotpot
As the first restaurant outside of Japan to specialise in Fugu (pufferfish), FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant serves only the highest quality Torafugu (tiger pufferfish) that is flown in twice a week from Shimonoseki. As consumption of improperly handled pufferfish can result in fatal implications, the Fugu fish is cleaned properly whilst adhering to strict guidelines before being delivered to Singapore. Chef Koji Tsukamoto is the only certified Fugu chef outside of Japan to handle this exquisite delicacy. With 20 years of experience handling Fugu, be rest assured that the Fugu you have at FUKU is handled with care and guaranteed 100% safe by Singapore’s Agri-food and Veterinary Authority. Fugu Hotpots
FUKU - Soya Bean Fugu Hotpot
FUKU has introduced a new hotpot menu featuring two different soup bases for only $70++ for 2 pax. You can choose between Soya Bean and Red Miso, based on your preference. The former is a creamier broth packed with flavour and the latter is a delicious mix of rich Japanese miso flavour with a hint of spice. Since Fugu has a distinct taste, Chef Koji makes sure that the accompanying broth is not overpowering but complementary and balanced. If you choose to enjoy Fugu boiled in soup with vegetables without any added flavours, you can opt for their classic Tecchiri soup base which is mild in flavour and supports the overall taste of Fugu fish. Other Hotpots
FUKU - A5 Miyazaki Beed Shabu Shabu Hotpot
Beside Fugu hotpots, FUKU has added A5 Miyazaki Beef Shabu Shabu ($70++) hotpot to the menu. The fatty meat is so well-marbled that it can be eaten on its own after a quick ‘wash’ in the boiling clear broth. If you’re dining in a bigger group, you could have these to share together with other Fugu dishes. All hotpots available from now onwards. Enjoy any Fugu hotpot at only $60++ for the month of June 2015 only. FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant, 14 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01 Singapore 238963 See also: Popular Shabu Shabu in Singapore Best steamboats in Singapore
Written by Cheryl Chong
OpenRice SG Editor
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