Great Value Seafood Fiesta at Jin Sha Wan That Will Satiate Your Appetite
Whenever someone mentions "Jin Sha Wan", you may think that they are referring to the coastal stretch of road at Shenzhen, a major city in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province. Loosely translated from the Chinese characters as “golden sands way”, did you know that we have one at the North-Eastern part of Singapore too? That’s right! Situated within the heartland of Kovan, Jin Sha Wan is a humble seafood eatery opened by owner, Ah Dan. He grew up working in the kitchen and now; he has more than 30 years of experience in dishing out signature seafood delights. Being curious with the specialties he has to offer, we invited a group of OpenRicers to try them out.
We can’t wait to dig into these appetizing mouth-watering dishes
We were in a treat as our dinner began with an array of Chef’s signature dishes served on the table. That included his own creation, the Stir-Fry Macadamia & Lotus Root (top left) and their special Assam Fish Head (top right). The latter, which instantly became our members’ favourite, is prepared with a special sauce and served on a flaming platter. Not forgetting another hot item amongst OpenRicers, the Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (bottom right) is doused with a rich, luscious layer of creamy egg yolk sauce. OpenRicer spherepiece describes it as “juicy, sweet with freshness bursting from each of the prawn”. Once that was wiped out from the table, meat lovers indulged in some Fragrant Pork Ribs (bottom left).
Bring on the finger-licking worthy crabs!
After those delectable appetizers, we savoured what Jin Sha Wan is best known for - their signature crabs! It was sheer delight when the Creamy Egg Yolk Crab (bottom) was served and everyone couldn't wait to get their fingers and mouth working. The golden creamy sauce on the crab is less dense and tasted more of milk compared to other variations around. It was so good that our members could not resist cleaning up the plate with man tous (fried Chinese buns) that is best paired with this dish. We also had our highly-popular national dish, the Chili Crab (top right), which has a sweet touch and light tinge of sour and spicy flavor. The fresh crab meat beneath the shell infused with such a tantalizing sauce is definitely to die for. Those that loved a taste of nostalgia tried the KL Hokkien Mee (top left) with chunks of pork lard that brings back the flavours from way back.
Sooth your stomach after a satisfying meal with nutritious Sliced Fish Steamboat broth
Those who were feeling adventurous that night tried the Claypot Crocodile Stew (bottom left) which is said to contain multiple health benefits. Flavoured with spices like ginger and onions, the lean crocodile meat is slow cooked for hours to become more tasty and succulent. As for our members who were still hungry, they were served with Mee Goreng (bottom right) - prepared with mixed seafood and sweet-sour-spicy sauce. Ending off our meal, Chef presented the Sliced Fish Steamboat (top). Our members could not resist a second helping of the delish steamboat broth filled with nutritious thickly sliced red garoupa and a huge variety of vegetables which included enoki mushroom, tofu, and seaweed. OpenRicer FNeo said “the steamboat broth has imparted a wonderful smoky flavorful taste together with the fragrant yam slices and the sweetness of the cabbage.”
Our satisfied OpenRicers from the seafood dishes prepared by the Head Chef (seated)
It was a night of sumptuous seafood fare at Jin Sha Wan. All of us left the food tasting session feeling satisfied, yet craving to try other delicacies on the menu. From the tasting session, we concluded that the restaurant is an ideal place for anyone who is looking for a casual place which offers quality dishes and great value seafood.

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