Hard Rock Café Introduces the Huat Burger
Huat burger
Embodying the multiculturalism of Singapore in its fusion of East and West influences, Hard Rock Cafe's newest invention, Huat Burger ($25++, pictured) is definitely a dish you should add to your reunion dinner plans! The platter features a perfectly executed beef patty sandwiched between two soft and fluffy buns and platted alongside the traditional lo hei salad – without the usual raw fish slices. How you should consume the unconventional dish: Conduct the usual tossing tradition and then generously spread the salad onto the burger. Take a bite of the “Yu Sheng Burger” and you will be surprised by how delectable the dish was, just like we were! Here's why: The plum sauce drizzled on top of the lo hei carries a tinge of tangy-ness that enhances the flavour of the succulent burger. Along the same line, the salad also gives the burger an extra crunch and enriches its sweetness. After gratifying our stomachs with the heavenly goodness, we proceeded to chow down on the other food fares that the café offers among its extensive array of dishes.

Huat else we tried

Seafood Char Kway Teow
We had the Seafood Char Kway Teow ($19++, pictured above), an elevated version of the typical hawker fare that consists of stir fried noodles with a generous serving of fish cake, bean sprouts, prawn and squid. While it is a taste we are all intimately familiar with, the café’s Char Kway Teow is notable for the smoothness of its noodles. The noodles are significantly less oily as compared to the hawker dish and the spicy sauce drizzled on the noodles adds a tangy kick to the dish.
Fried Mantou with Chili Crab Dip
Another notable dish worth mentioning was the Fried Mantou with Chili Crab Dip ($16.50, pictured above). Dip the perfectly fried mantou into the savoury and rich chilli crab sauce for a gastronomical experience.
Hot Fudge Brownie
We ended our meal on a high (and warm) note with the Hot Fudge Brownie (pictured above). A three-layered delight of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and a hot fudge brownie, the dessert was a paradox of coldness and warmness and was extremely satisfying! The Huat Rock Burger is available for dine-in at Hard Rock Café Sentosa from 1 to 29 February. For enquiries or reservations, please call 6795 7454 or email sentosa-enquiries@hardrockcafe-singapore.com.
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