I Am Legend Opens in Big Box
I am legend
Newly established in 2005, I Am Legend is a Halal restaurant nestled within the food court of Big Box that offers affordably-priced Western cuisine. Last Tuesday, OpenRice was invited to host a tasting session with eight of our members. Upon arrival, we were promptly greeted by the genial Chef Emil Fahmi Hisham who proceeded to give us an introduction of the restaurant’s concept and the various dishes that will be served shortly. The humble joint prides itself on the freshness of its seafood ingredients that are bought daily from the supermarket located downstairs. As an endeavour to cater to other dietary options, Chef Emil Fahmi Hisham will also introduce 15 new dishes to the menu by 29 Feb. Expect to find popular desserts like Churros, Chocolate Cake at the restaurant!
Seafood Aglio Olio
We started off with the Seafood Aglio Olio ($11.90, pictured) that contains a delicious blend of noodles intertwined with an assortment of fresh seafood including squid, prawn, mussels, and sprinkled with chilli padis that enhance the flavour of the dish. Our only gripe was that it might have been a bit too watery, unlike the quintessential dry Aglio Olio.
Truffle Fries
Crowned as one of the top favourite starters, the Truffle Fries ($8.90, pictured) arrived beautifully plated in a bowl with a generous topping of shredded parmesan cheese. For people (like me) who get repulsed by the overwhelming acrid taste of truffle oil, this one contained a well-controlled amount of truffle oil. Bonus point: The fries were fried to perfection, resulting in a crispy crust that enshrouds its pleasantly soft and moist inner.
Salted Egg Yolk Pasta
Can't get enough of the salted egg craze? Then this one's for you. Perfectly executed with a savoury, milky salted egg gravy covering most of the noodles, the Salted Egg Yolk Pasta ($15.90, pictured) is definitely one of the main highlights of the meal and was promptly wiped clean as soon as it was brought to the table.
Grilled Groupa
Acquiring its deserved name as the star dish among our diners, the Grilled Groupa ($15.90, pictured) is fresh, sweet, savoury and even carries a tinge of spiciness. The special sweet and spicy sauce prepared by Chef Emil Fahmi Hisham that is drizzled on top of the fish mitigates the fishiness of the meat and contributes to its moistness. For people who don’t usually consume fish, you will be set to change your perspective on fish with this dish. If you are searching for affordable Western food fares, why not give I Am Legend a try?
I Am Legend members
Click here to find out individual members’ reviews and comments! I Am Legend Big Box Warehouse Retail Mall, 1 Venture Avenue level 3, Singapore 608521
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