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moosehead beetroot
If anyone could make me eat the vegetables I don’t usually care for, it has to be the father and son duo of Moosehead, Chefs Glen and Daniel Ballis. The food at this indie kitchen-bar is constantly evolving and the specials, written on the blackboard at the entrance vary daily, depending on what Chef Daniel conjures up with his imagination and the fresh produce he brings back from his morning trips to Tekka Market. Over time, dishes that do well with customers are added to the permanent dinner menu. The most recent update features over 10 new dishes largely influenced by the street food of Asia, Spain, Greece and Japan, without deviating from its focus on contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.
moosehead cauliflower
Beetroot, cauliflower and carrots may not seem like much to begin with. But by roasting them in a charcoal oven, these humble vegetables gain a caramelized exterior whilst they stay moist and tender on the inside. Served in a wedge on a creamy bed of ricotta, the Roast Beetroot ($12, first image) is topped with a very generous mound of pomegranate, spring onions and toasted almonds for added crunch to accompany its natural sweetness. And who would have known that the flavours of persimmon, pistachio and apricot could complement the Roast Carrots ($14) so well. However, the best way to get your non-vegetable-eating friends started is by trying the Roast Cauliflower ($14, above), which is also available during lunch. The unassuming cauliflower sits whole and golden in garlic miso gravy and buttery bits of leek confit – a heavenly combination.
moosehead pork scratchings
On the meatier side of things, our favourite dish that evening was the Pork Scratchings ($6 each, above). A quintessential pub snack in Britain, the light and crisp pork scratchings come topped with savoury mix of beef tartare, yuzu mayo, jerkins, capers and spring onion, crackling loudly in your mouth with every bite.
moosehead seared watermelon
For those who fancy cheese, have the Seared Watermelon ($12, above) with feta and cress or the Avocado ($16) with juicy roast pears, caramalised fig, goat cheese and spinach. And when you’re just about stuffed from a nine-course meal, along comes dessert plus a reminder that there’s always space for a few spoonfuls of homemade strawberry sorbet and cream ($12), which was far too refreshing to refuse. Moosehead Kitchen – Bar, 110 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068579 See Also: New restaurants to try out Popular dishes in Singapore
Written by Peh Yi Wen; Images by Moosehead
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