Most Unique Rice Dumplings of 2015
With Dragonboat Festival approaching, you would have probably seen dumpling promotions and advertisements popping up everywhere. While you have the option to stick to traditional options, why not take the road less travelled and try these unique rice dumpling flavours instead?
1. Hainanese Chicken Rice Dumpling from Park Palace
hainanese chicken rice dumpling park palace
Bursting with flavours from marinating the glutinous rice in ginger, garlic, onions, pandan leaves and lemongrass before dry-frying, the result is incredibly flavourful rice that is good enough to eat on its own. As Chef Chan Kun Lai uses thigh meat, the chicken inside is not dry and when eaten with their homemade chicken rice chilli sauce and chopped ginger & chives, tastes like a flavour-packed plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice, but better. Price: $8.80/pc Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall,10 Coleman Street (Mezzanine Floor), Singapore 179809
2. Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Pig Trotter from Li Bai
pig trotter dumpling from li bai
If you love a good braised pig trotter, look no further than this dumpling from Li Bai. Succulent braised pork infused with Chef’s secret marinade, Chinese mushrooms, conpoy, peanuts and chestnuts is housed in black glutinous rice. This is another healthier choice option as Li Bai chooses healthier grains in this year’s dumpling festival menu. Price: $36++/pc Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230
3. Braised Pork Belly with Black Garlic Dumpling from Min Jiang
black garlic dumpling min jiang
Black garlic is a little gem that holds inside its very own unique flavour. Min Jiang fearlessly uses it in their new rice dumpling creation this year – Braised Pork Belly with Black Garlic Dumpling. The pork belly is first braised for three hours before deep-frying to bring out the flavours of the pork. It also contains chestnut, salted egg yolk and is wrapped up in glutinous rice. Price: $13.80++/pc Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
4. Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Dumpling from Min Jiang
kurobuta pork dumpling min jiang
If you’re a fan of preserved vegetables, this dumpling should be on the top of your list. Prime porcine is first deep-fried before braising with spices and the preserved vegetables are also deep-fried for an enhanced flavour. The dumpling also features salted egg yolk and chestnut for a textural variety. Price: $11.80++/pc Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
5. Spicy Sambal Chilli Marinated Chicken with Turmeric Glutinous Rice from Jade
sambal chilli turmeric dumpling jade
Made to cater to local tastebuds, Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng was inspired primarily by Nyonya cuisine in making this unique dumpling. An array of spices is used including turmeric powder and their homemade sambal chilli. The glutinous rice wraps up diced chicken, shiitake mushrooms, black eye peas and black sesame together with the spices. Price: $9.80/pc Jade, The Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square Lobby, Singapore 049178
6. Hong Kong Style Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling from Jade
hong kong abalone dumpling jade
This hot favourite at Jade last year, is back this year by popular demand. The luxurious bag of gold contains two 10-head abalones, premium roast duck, pork belly, dried scallops, shiitake mushrooms, chestnuts, salted egg yolk and green bean. Because of it's massive size, the dumpling is best shared between two people. Price: $48/pc Jade, The Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square Lobby, Singapore 049178
7. Black Truffle with Pork Belly & Dried Scallops Dumpling from Wan Hao
black truffle dumpling wan hao
The latest addition to Wan Hao’s annual dumpling festival menu, this dumpling features exquisite black truffle that adds a unique flavour. Braised Pork Belly is accompanied by the finest Japanese dried scallops for the perfect combination in textures. Price: $18/pc Wan Hao, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865
8. Sweet Potato with Black Bean Paste Dumpling from Hai Tien Lo
sweet potato dumpling hai tien lo
With all the different savoury rice dumplings mentioned before, the Sweet Potato with Black Bean Paste Dumpling is a good post-meal choice. The fragrant black bean paste adds a nice accompanying taste to the premium glutinous rice that envelopes it. Price: $9.40/pc Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039595
9. Red Yeast Glutinous Rice Dumpling from Cherry Garden
red yeast dumpling cherry garden
Red yeast essentially refers to fermented rice wine and it is cooked with the minced chicken for a one-of-a-kind flavour. Together with the standard conpoy, the ingredients are wrapped up in glutinous and brown rice for a very flavourful combination. Price: $16/pc Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Ave Level 5, Singapore 039797
10. Multi-grain Rice Dumpling with Beef from Li Bai
Beef dumpling from li bai
Pork is generally used in rice dumplings instead of beef. Li Bai boldly uses the latter using the short rib cut and braising it with Japanese miso, ginger and garlic for an added flavour. Together with conpoy, chestnuts, Chinese mushrooms, assorted beans and multi-grain rice, the dumplings are then wrapped up and steamed. This is the perfect choice for the health-conscious. Price: $36++/pc Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230
Written by Cheryl Chong
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