New Cakes in the HOUSE
HOUSE at Dempsey seeks to stir up some serious waves of nostalgia through their new but old fashioned array of desserts. Imagine walking into one of Enid Blyton’s books, The Magic Faraway Tree for example or even stumbling upon the Mad Hatter’s tea party in the serene forest. You wouldn’t expect artisan cakes or deconstructed desserts, no – Just the classics done really well.
The elegant and substantial Orange Blossom Cake ($9.50/slice) is the ultimate dream come true for carrot cake lovers who just can’t get enough of cream cheese. Kissed with a scent of orange blossom water, the traditional cake gives that subtle hint of a tangy orange while you dig in.

Mango Coconut Passionfruit Cake

And while the Mango Coconut Passionfruit Cake ($9.50/slice) looks deceivingly rich, it is in fact a light and moist wonder. We learned never to judge a cake by its cover. Topped with bits of mango and passion fruit, this tutti-fruitti cake brims with absolute fruity freshness. Fair warning: Unless you’re aversive towards the slightest whiff of coconut, one slice just won’t do.

Key Lime Pie

For the ones who thrill over zesty lime curds and digestive biscuit crusts, you’ll like the old-fashioned Key Lime Pie ($8.50/slice), which comes with a thick layer of torched meringue goodness.
But if lemon is more your pick of the citrus family and you happen to be the number one fan of cheesecakes, our personal favourite, the velvety smooth Lemon Curd Cheesecake ($9.50/slice) is your match made in heaven.

Salted Caramel Toastie

Warm Sticky Date Pudding

Adding some warmth to the table are the Salted Caramel Toastie ($15) and the Warm Sticky Date Pudding ($12) respectively. The former stars a scoop of caramel biscuit ice cream, crunchy caramelized walnuts and lashes of salted caramel atop a toasted brioche. Take away the brioche and replace it with a light steamed date pudding with a splash more of caramel sauce and you’ll get the latter. Although the Snickers Tart ($8.50) and Bitter Chocolate Tart ($8.50) aren’t new to the menu, we think they much deserve a highlight.

Snickers Tarts and the all-time favourite Bitter Chocolate Tarts

The Snickers Tart is a perfect cross between the caramelized peanuts of a snickers bar and a classic chocolate tart. And earning itself a “long-service” award is the Bitter Chocolate Tart carried forward from the previous dessert menu. Bittersweet with a thick crusty edge, it satisfies any sweet cravings without going too overboard on the richness. So don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. Click here for more information on HOUSE at Dempsey. See Also: Searching for more variety of dessert? Check out here Craving for more cakes? Check out here
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Peh Yi Wen
Yi Wen likens the gourmet world to a theme park that never closes – full of adventure with endless rides to discover. When not writing, she dabbles in calligraphy and gawks at lego displays.
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