New Dim Sum Menu at Yum Cha
yum cha dim sum
Fancy a crabmeat tart, peanut custard bun or chilled sago with coconut sugar? Earlier this month, Yum Cha launched their new dim sum menu to introduce over 10 new items across all three branches at Chinatown, Serangoon Gardens and Changi Business Park. Related: Where to Go for Dim Sum Buffet in Singapore You can expect a wide variety of atypical dim sum creations that offer a twist to the usual traditional snacks. Specialty desserts, created by chefs at each outlet, have also been added. At the Chinatown outlet, you would be able to try Longan Beancurd, whilst the chef at Serangoon Gardens has given the soursop pudding a refreshing vanilla infusion. See also: Best Places to Eat in Chinatown Top Rated Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore
Written by Peh Yi Wen
Dim Sum
Yum Cha
Peh Yi Wen
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