Now Open: Crystal Jade Prestige
Representing Crystal Jade Group’s first foray into the CBD district, Crystal Jade Prestige can be found – since late January – on the second floor of Marina Bay Financial Centre, Ground Plaza. It boasts an elegantly designed main dining hall, where patrons can bask in the picturesque panorama of the bustling CBD area through the glass windows, as well as four private dining rooms for a more secluded and intimate congregation. Harnessing only top-notch ingredients in the execution of sumptuous Chinese cuisines with a modern spin, this nascent restaurant is the perfect medium for business luncheons and family/friends gatherings.
Deep-Fried Dumpling with Chinese Parsley
Affordably priced at $5.80 for three pieces, the Deep-Fried Dumpling with Chinese Parsley (pictured) was the perfect starter to whet our appetites. The crispy dumpling skin enshrouds the huge, sumptuous prawns and water chestnuts filings, and provides a contrast to the moist fillings.
Lobster & Seafood Tomato Thick Soup
Served in a coconut, the Lobster & Seafood Tomato Thick Soup ($28, pictured) was an instant winner that would certainly the spot during a sweater weather day. The tangy tomato soup carries a briny crustacean taste and comes with thick morsels of lobster and fresh scallops.
Pan-Fried Beancurd with Black Truffle Sauce
One of the restaurant’s inventive platters, the Pan-Fried Beancurd with Black Truffle Sauce ($8.80, pictured) is a cross between Chinese and European culinary influences. Slice open the bean curd to witness its atypical grey filing that is induced by squid ink. This homemade, silky-smooth beancurd is fried with a layer of breadcrumbs that gives it a crispy outer texture, and then drizzled with truffle mushroom sauce.
Tea Smoked Roasted Duck
Meticulously prepared for a grand total of 30 hours during which it was marinated, roasted, basted, and smoked with premium Pu-er tea leaves and spices, the Tea Smoked Roasted Duck ($78 for whole duck, pictured) was personally craved by the chef into thinly-sliced pieces. It was presented in three different cuts: the crispy skin that was best eaten with sugar, the tender thigh meat which flavour is enhanced by the special sauce concoction, and the succulent breast meat that was recommended to be wrapped with cucumber slices and flaky flour crepes for consumption.
Trio Dessert on Ice
Conclude your meal on a sweet note with the satisfying dessert galore that the restaurant provides. For the indecisive and the gluttonous who cannot decide on a single flavour they would like to indulge in, we have the Trio Dessert on Ice ($14.50, pictured). Arranged from heavy to light, tasting portions of Aloe Vera with Lemongrass Jelly, Black Sesame with Coconut Milk ($6.50 à la carte) and Mango Purée with Pomelo and Sago ($6.50 à la carte) are skewed amidst the ice.
Written by Tan Siew Bee Images by Tan Siew Bee and Crystal Jade Prestige
Crystal Jade Prestige
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