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Suntec City isn’t what it used to be after its renovations. Bouncing back with a delicious zest, it is now the home to the second outlet of PasarBella. Similar to its flagship at Turf City, PasarBella @ Suntec boasts an interesting line-up of stalls that promises to spice up your meal times with a current total of 11 food and beverage stalls (and counting) to pick from! Pimp My Salad is set to open soon. Pick a seat along the glass windows in this spacious and funky space at PasarBella @ Suntec and you will be treated to a view of the Fountain of Wealth. Inside, the dimly lit area is furnished with a playful mix of vibrantly-colored and wooden tables, with neon signs glowing on the walls alongside food-themed graffiti. Find out what are the best picks at Pasarbella @ Suntec:

1. Cajun on Wheels

cajun on wheels pasarbella
Dive into the world of Louisiana-inspired seafood at Cajun on Wheels – if you’re with friends, indulge in the astounding Olympian bucket including Scottish dungeon crabs, prawns, Sri Lankan crabs, white clams, mussels and more! We would totally understand if you want to keep this scrumptious feast to yourself with an Ocean Box ($11.50). Grab the mixed seafood set that will include two sides – we recommend the sweet potato fries and Cajun rice pilaf. Drizzle a sauce of your choice over all these yummy goodness: Cajun cheese, cheesy cream, salted egg yolk or Thai red curry. The salted egg yolk was our pick of the day, which was so satisfying spicy and sinful. Definitely worth the calories! Note: Cajun on Wheels is currently working to get its Halal certification.

2. An An Vietnamese Street Kitchen

an an vietnamese street kitchen pasarbella
Sporting conical hats and friendly smiles, An An’s stall owners seem to channel the Vietnamese spirit through and through. If you’re looking to satisfy your pho cravings, An An’s Beef Pho Set ($12.90) does a wonderful job with its chewy beef meatballs and silky-smooth pho noodles immersed in the savoury-sweet soup with a hint of mint and coriander. The set comes with refreshing summer spring rolls or tantalizing fried spring rolls, which is a recommended addition to the beef pho bowl that may not be filling enough for most.
an an vietnamese street kitchen pasarbella
If you have that "coriander fear", the Chicken Vermicelli Set ($12.90) will also take you back to the streets of Saigon with tender chicken slices, freshly julienned carrots and cucumbers and a sprinkle of peanuts. We say… ngon!

3. Grilllo

grilllo pasarbella
They call it ‘Your fix on sticks’, but Grilllo presents their customers way more than appetizing skewered bites on the go. The Grillo box sets ($9.90) make for a rather substantial meal. Choose among six different combinations of yummy sticks (Chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian or a permutation of which) with a carbohydrate-powered base and a sauce to drizzle all over. You can even get free ‘Asian-flavoured’ chips thrown in! Too many choices? We’ll make it simpler for you. Simply go up to the stall and say, "Set A, Sweet Potato Fries, Smokey Tare". It's satisfaction guaranteed with sweet charred flavours, delicious crispy fries that are in a league of its own, and of course, succulent and juicy chicken tsukune and sausages.

4. Mad Dog’s Bar & Grill

mad dog's bar and grill
It would probably take a lot of self-control to walk past Mad Dog’s and not stop in your tracks from its mouthwatering, fragrant wafts of their roasted chicken. This is an ultimate crowd-pleaser, done to fork-tender perfection and sauces coated in all the right places. Choose between Half or Whole Chicken ($12.90 and $22.90 respectively) and throw in their buttery soft and sweet Pumpkin and BBQ Corn ($2.50 each). Angus Ribeye and Sirloin are also available at Mad Dog’s if you're a beef lover.

5. Pita & Olives Mediterranean Cuisine

Pita & Olives Mediterranean Cuisine
Having moved over from 100AM, Pita & Olives continues to serve their loyal customers with their famous chicken shawarma and falafel. Their best seller, the Chicken Shawarma Set ($16), includes their grilled marinated chicken freshly shredded to retain its moisture, a generous heap of salad and olives and of course, their creamy hummus and chickpeas best enjoyed with some baked pita bread.

6. Porsena Deli

Porsena Deli
Sandwiches are the main game at Porsena Deli. When asked about their customers’ favourite sandwich flavour, we were immediately recommended the Pastrami Sandwich ($14), which comes in either soft bread or ciabatta bread. It wasn’t the most photogenic sandwich around, but it surely could contend for the tastiest. The beef slices were amazingly tender, a dreamy smoky taste marinated with a scintillating mix of spices, layered neatly together between the bread. Other highlights include a slow-cooked Pork Belly Sandwich, which comes a close second.

7. Rollie Olie

Rollie Olie
All everyone wants in life is just a good tray of sushi, but Rollie Olie is not making it easy because you will be spoilt for choice in the face of all their enticing options. Out of all their signature rolls, which come in 8 pieces per tray, the Beachcomber Rolls and Sunkissed Salmon Rolls ($16.95 each) are Rollie Olie customers’ favorites – scrumptious pops that are both addictive and lovable. Share it with a friend, so you can enjoy the different flavours here. And while they already taste good on their own, you can drizzle some mayo if you’d like – spicy, wasabi, curry or yuzu! Hint: We love the curry mayo! Poké bowls are available here too.

8. Wolf Burgers

Wolf Burgers
The most value-for-money item at PasarBella goes to the Basic Wolf Burger ($9.90), which the team behind the counter affectionately calls ‘wolf wolf’. In all honesty, this burger has a straight-forward winning formula that will take your heart away. Sandwiched in soft, buttered buns pan-fried to that perfect crisp we all love, the premium ground patty finely minced is both juicy and chewy, enmeshed with mayo sauce. Do not share, or be prepared to fight for the last morsel of this delicious burger. Up the ante with the Alpha, the biggest and most badass wolf of the pack with not one, but two premium patty double cheese goodness. This is your answer to a feel-good burger time.

9. Sarnies

Need a quick perk-me-up? Don’t settle for anything less than coffee from Sarnies! Yes, this popular café from Telok Ayer has expanded to Pasarbella @ Suntec and we cannot be happier. A young and upbeat team serves here, with an abridged menu from their café, offering Almond Croissants ($4.90) in addition to their ‘caffeine stimulants’. They use single origin Ethopia Sidamo beans to achieve a floral aroma, with a non-imposing lightly acidic and smooth coffee. Lovely till the very last drop!

10. Squeezed!

Meal indulgences don't necessarily mean poor food choices and this place is your redeeming factor in all that feasting jazz. For a boost of Vitamin B-complex, the folks at Squeezed! recommend us to go for one of their signature blends, Pink Lady ($6.20), where they juice strawberries, honeydew and red apples all in one revitalizing cup. Drop by on weekdays for a different promotion every single day of the week! On Tuesdays, you get to enjoy half-priced cold-pressed juices for every second cup, while Thursdays mean a free upsize! Smoothie, salads and yogurts abound here at Squeezed! as well, and we spotted a quirky salad – Soba So Good ($5.50).

11. Drinks!

drinks! pasarbella
Choose your poison and sneak in a mid-day drink at the most innocuous watering hole in Suntec. With an impressive array of cocktails, wines, sodas, beers and iced teas here, there must be one for you. Sweet, funky Passionfruit Mint ($3.80) to perk you up in the day, or the bold Collins Cocktail ($15) to wind down for the night. There's practically something for every single mood and season, so you and your drinking buddies know where to hide out now.
Written by Amie Hu Images: Amie Hu Updated on 22 Feb 2016
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