The Perfect Interfusion: Sushi Tei’s New Promo Menu
First 5 OpenRicers who comment on this article will receive an OpenRice 2013 calendar, which will be DELIVERED to your house for FREE! With Sushi Tei’s many promotional menus, you’ll keep coming back for more and you’ll never ever get bored. This time, the home-grown Japanese restaurant chain presents The Perfect Interfusion promo menu. Available from now till mid-January 2013 at all outlets, you can relish warm and hearty rustic fare with a contemporary twist during this end-of-year period.
For big groups, dishes like the grilled squid stuffed with rice (Ikameshi – $12); potato salad with cod roe (Mentai Potato Salad – $6.80); deep fried chicken with Taru Taru sauce (Tori Nanban – $10); and the beef and cheese sushi roll (Yakiniku Cheese Roll – $12), are perfect for sharing. Of these four, two dishes – namely Yakiniku Cheese Roll and Tori Nanban – were created by Sushi Tei’s talented chefs for the Supreme Chef Challenge Creations, which put the spotlight on the top six creations dreamt up by the chefs of various outlets. Definitely not to be missed!
For nosh to devour personally, there’s the Spicy Ban Ban Ji Ramen ($10), a cold salad of ramen noodles drowned in spicy sesame sauce topped with poached chicken and the Ikasumi Pasta ($13.50), spaghetti tossed in luscious, garlicky squid ink sauce and adorned with squid slices. Got a bigger appetite? Fancy something other than noodles? Then go with the Matsutake Sukiyaki. Priced at $26 for beef and $22 for chicken, this hot pot dish features the seasonal Matsutake pine mushrooms combined with a choice of chicken or U.S.D.A beef tenderloin. To dig in, simply simmer the thinly sliced meats and Matsutake mushrooms in the comforting melange of shiratake glass noodles, tofu, leeks, carrots, and enoki mushrooms in sukiyaki soup. Oishii! See Also: Check out where to get the best ramen in Singapore Find the best Japanese restaurant to satisfy your craving
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