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[CONTEST OVER] We've been bitten by the Christmas bug, so we're going to give away 12 pairs of Cathay Movie tickets! Read the article and find out how you can win a pair of movie vouchers. The Holiday season is upon us once again. This only comes once a year so we need to take advantage of the break and spend it with loved ones and friends. Yeah, we know eating good food will be in your itinerary, but how about including activities you don’t normally do on a regular day? If you’re interested to have a fun time, the destination we have in mind for you is Sentosa! When was the last time you went there? If you must know, there are various activities (not to mention, nice restaurants) to keep you busy and entertained for the whole day! Whether you’re a young parent, adventure seeker, or deal hunter… we’ve planned out a Sentosa Day of Fun just for you! FOR THE ADVENTURE SEEKERS: PREPARE FOR A FULL DAY AHEAD! Sentosa isn’t just for children, but for young adults too. Choose from these heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping activities we’ve planned for you. If you’re bursting with energy, try all these in one day. 1. Surf and Ride the Waves

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Wave House Sentosa | $35 (1 hr, weekday), $40 (1 hr, weekend) , $90 (3 hrs, weekday), $105 (3hr, weekend) For those who want to learn how to surf, you don’t need to fly all the way to Bali anymore. You can do it right here in Singapore. That’s right, folks. Wave House Sentosa has brought them to you with the machine called “The Wave”- a fully-flowing FlowBarrel®. With its powerful turbines, it creates waves similar to what you will find in a surfing beach. The good thing about it is that you can adjust the level – 1 for beginners and up to 11 for the pros. Every session at Wave House also comes with instructors; not just anyone, but professionals who have represented Singapore in wave riding competitions around the globe. Yeah, they are the best people to help you learn this sport. Open Daily, from 10:30am to 10:30pm 2. Re-Energise and Eat

Photo courtesy of Wave House Sentosa

Wave House Restaurant + Bar | Expect to pay about $21 to $30 per person Trust us; wave riding can be really tiring. An hour’s worth of lessons can drain you of all your energy to last you through the day. To be able to re-charge, you need fuel… you need food. After being wiped out or pinned to the wall by waves which hit you at 32km/hr, reward yourself with a nice meal at Wave House Restaurant. Don’t be deceived by its fancy look, the items here are pretty affordable. You can choose between the restaurant and bar menu. Do try the Nachos Supreme ($16.30) which is served with cheddar cheese and three choices of dips (sour cream, guacamole and roasted tomato). Order some dishes like the signature Wipeout Pizza ($17.80) or the Seafood Linguine ($19.50) for a fuller meal. Don’t miss the drinks here as well, especially the Passion Fruit Smoothie to beat the intense heat. Open Mon to Sun 10am to 10:30pm 3. Stand Up and Paddle Seabreeze Watersports | S$30/board per hour Seabreeze Watersports offers a lot of activities for guests. For something thrilling, you can always go for the kayak or the banana boat. But if you want a relaxing activity, opt for the stand up paddling. It’s not as strenuous as the other water sports; basically, all you have to do is balance upright on a board and paddle within the lagoon. Just this simple action really works your core so you also get that much needed exercise. If you get tired, you can just sit down or better yet, lay down and let the sun soak you from head to toe. Don’t forget to put on sunblock though, or you’ll get toasted. Open daily, from 10:30am to 7pm (last activity booking is at 6pm) 4. Conquer Your Fears

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MegaZip Adventure Park | $38 (MegaZip), $38 ClimbMax (24 obstacles), $18 ParaJump; for more prices and special packages, check out their website You know what they say, “face your fears, live your dreams”. If you’re scared of anything that has got to do with heights, the best way to get over it is to face it. At Sentosa, there’s a series of obstacle courses at MegaZip Adventure Park which can help you do that. First, it’s going to test your balancing skills and body strength with the ClimbMax – where you need to walk on tight ropes at least 5 feet up the ground (there are three levels, 15ft being the highest). Once you’re all exhausted from clinging on to ropes for your dear life, it’s time for the ParaJump where you have to jump with only a rope to support you. Trust us, it’s going to feel like you’re free falling, but you’re completely safe. And for the grand finale, the MegaZip where you’re going to zoom down to Siloso Beach. If you feel the need for speed, then this is for you! Trained professionals will always be there so you’ll be in good hands. You can try these individually or go for the packages. Open daily, from 11am to 7pm 5. Gather the Gang for a Laser Tag Game

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Combat Skirmish Live, Fort Siloso | $18 (Indoor Maze,15 mins), $35 (Tunnel Battle, 30mins) Bring out your troops and march to Siloso Fort for an exciting Laser Tag Game. It may sound easy but it’s quite challenging. Depending on the package you choose, you have the option of playing within a maze, tunnel, or open ground. You will be divided into two teams (red and blue) and you will battle it out by shooting each other in the game area. Don’t worry – it won’t hurt like paintball or airsoft. Once you’re shot, you can’t fire your gun anymore and you have to go back to your base to reload. Each game, you’re only given 15 lives so you better do your best to stay alive! The best way to tackle this game is to come up with a strategy so you won’t easily fall as the enemy's prey. Open daily, from 10am to 6pm (last entry at 5:30pm) 6. Have an Easy, Breezy Ride

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GoGreen Segway Eco-Adventure | $12 per one round in Sentosa, $38 (Siloso or Palawan Beach) After the strenuous activities you’ve done, cap off the day with a relaxing tour of Sentosa via the Segway. Without breaking a sweat, you can cover more ground and see more tourist attractions within the island. It’s going to be a fun ride, especially if you do this activity in groups. See Also: Check out the best eats in Singapore Desserts to end off your meal perfectly
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