Top 10 DIY Food Places in Singapore
diy food places in singapore
DIY restaurants are great for fussy eaters or people who just enjoy the novelty of customizing your own meal. You’re in full control – from building your own burger layer by layer, to designing a personalized sushi roll with every ingredient you can think of. Get your creative juices flowing at the 10 best DIY restaurants in Singapore. 1. Ten-Ichi Udon
ten-ichi udon
Situated at nex shopping mall, Ten-ichi Udon stands out in the mass of Japanese restaurants in the Shokutsu 10 food street with its unique personalization concept for their udons. Offering unique options such as Yuzu Wasabi Udon ($6.50) & Beef Soup with Matcha Udon ($8.50) option, patrons can add on Tempura toppings to their udon such as Jumbo Kakiage ($1.80) and Dory Fish Tempura ($2.20). What better way to enjoy your meal than to be able to customize a delicious bowl of udon with your favourite ingredients! Ten-ichi Udon, Nex, 23 Serangoon Central #B1-02, Singapore 556083 Image Credits: Ten-ichi Udon 2. Maki-San
Incorporating the idea of DIY into one of the most well-loved delicacies in Singapore -- Sushi -- has bred success for Maki-San since their launch in 2012. Wouldn't you love the idea of choosing every single ingredient that goes into that meal-sized maki? Bonus points to their gorgeous packaging too. With two outlets to its name, Maki-San provides a wide range of proteins, vegetables and unique sauces to go with the sushi rolls. Proteins include Grilled Unagi, Tempura Ebi and Smoked Salmon. Some special house sauces include Yuzu Sesame, Wasabi Mayo and Garlic Aioli. Prices are affordable at $6.90 for the Little San and $9.90 for the Mega San. Maki-San, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #B1-17/18, Singapore 229233 Image Credits: Makisan’s Facebook Page 3. Nook-D.I.Y House of Pancakes
nook diy house of pancakes
Get artsy with colourful pancake batter at D.I.Y pancake house, Nook. It starts with a wide array of batter choices such as Banana, Strawberry and Red Velvet ($10 per bottle), followed by many sweet toppings that you can take your pick at – Lemon Curd, Cereal Bits and Caramelized Apples ($1.50-$2). If you prefer savoury food, they also serve vegetables, eggs and bacon as toppings for your pancakes. For those with a ravenous appetite, opt for their DIY Pancake Buffet ($8-$12/pax) that lasts from 3 to 6pm. Nook, 21 Lorong Kilat #01-03, Singapore 598123 Image Credits: Nook’s Facebook page 4. Fat Boy’s
fat boy's
Fat Boy’s is no stranger to the local burger lovers with 4 outlets around the island (link to list of Fat Boys outlets), as well as two from its spin-off, The Burger Bar. Gigantic servings of meat patties topped with your very own choice of toppings and sauces – a sinful meal that leaves you wanting more. Prices here range from $10 - $20 and their extensive DIY menu allows customers to build their own burger from 4 types of burger buns and patties, over 25 toppings and 11 sauces. With 4400 burger permutations at play, it’s hardly possible to try every single combination here. Challenge accepted, anyone? Fat Boy’s, 187 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574335 Image Credits: Fat Boy's Facebook Page 5. QQ Rice
qq rice
QQ Rice is a Taiwanese rice-specialist chain that already has 300 franchises worldwide. It comes at no surprise that customers have been flocking there to grab their rice rolls ($2.50-$4.50 with a standard drink), in light of the recent clean-eating trend. With the option to pick your choice of healthy rice such as – Purple Rice, Red Rice, Mixed Grain and Wheat Germ, patrons can enjoy this healthy meal, worry-free. You can customize your rolls with ingredients, split up into vegetarian and non-vegetarian, like – Thai Sesame Chicken, Bak Kwa, Gua Zai Meat and Emperor Veg. This surprisingly flavourful and delicious roll might look small and all scrunched up, but it packs a punch and fills your stomach. QQ Rice, Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #01-32 (JP2), Singapore 648331 Image Credits: QQ Rice Facebook Page 6. Alt Pizza
As featured in our 10 Must-try Crab & Lobster Dishes Under $20 article, Alt Pizza makes it to our list once more. This time, with their customizable pizza selection. From $8 onwards, their D.I.Y pizza option starts you off with one of five sauces, following a wide range of tasty pizza toppings. Some of them include – Fennel Sausage, Chipotle Chicken, Manchego, Blue Crab, Roasted Squash, Artichoke Hearts and White Truffle Oil. Worried about a disastrous combination? Owner Matthew White suggests following ingredients of their pizzas listed in the menu and switching out one or two of your choice. Alt Pizza, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-111, Singapore 038983 Image Credits: Alt Pizza 7. Match
match pan pacific
The first D.I.Y fine dining restaurant in Singapore cannot get any better than this. Match serves up classy Modern-American cuisine that is also visually stunning. The highlight: Being able to D.I.Y your own perfect main course from only $28++. From steaks to sauces to sides, you will not be disappointed with the amazing choices here. 365-Day Grain-Fed Tenderloin with Roasted Jalapeno Chimichurri, topped with Roasted Bone Marrow with a side of Maple-Glazed Butternut Pumpkin for instance. Personalize your favourite protein with your favourite toppings and sauces. The choices are endless. Match, Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard Level 1, Singapore 039595 Image credits: Match Singapore Facebook Page 8. Bear Bites
bear bites
This personalized burger bun comes shaped like a bear paw and tastes great on top of being Instagram-worthy. There are 3 steps to ordering your very own bun ($4.80 - $5.80). First, pick your protein – Crispy Karaage Chicken or OISHI Fish Fillet, and then you can pick your flavoured bun to go with it. Some choices include – Brown Sugar, Squid Ink or Yam. Top it off with their various sauce options — the most popular being their Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce. Other than its affordable price tag, you can upgrade it to a meal with a drink and fries, to make it a great takeaway option. Bear Bites, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St #B1-K7, Singapore 237978 Image credits: Peh Yi Wen 9. Whole & Hearty
whole and hearty
Whole & Hearty is a breakfast bar that aims to serve up fresh and wholesome breakfast bowls. You’re able to pick your favourite yogurt out of their extensive range that are all homemade, cultured from whole milk, low fat, soy, almond milk, etc. If yogurt is not your thing, you can also pick organic oats or cereal as your base and top it up with fresh fruits and nuts of your choice. Personalize your perfect breakfast bowl and takeaway with just a few simple steps. Whole & Hearty, Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St, Singapore 078877 Image credits: Whole & Hearty Facebook Page 10. Doodle & Switch
doodle and switch
This D.I.Y pasta joint serves up fresh pasta ($9.50+) that you are able to personalize. With 10 different pasta bases, be spoilt for choice with options such as – Buckwheat Soba, Rigatoni and even Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli. There are also countless sauce options for you to pick from. Each pasta dish allows you 4 basic ingredients with no extra cost; however, an additional meat or seafood dish comes with an extra charge of $2-$3.50. From Chorizo Sausages to Atlantic Salmon, you can choose from 16 different options to add on to your pasta. Doodle! & Switch!, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-88/89, Singapore 039596 Image credits: Doodle! & Switch Facebook Page Text by Cheryl Ann Chong See Also: Steamboat places you'll visit again Singapore's best food, all in one place
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