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Hungry for more food events? Tomorrow marks the start of a yearlong dining programme, $100Gourmet – conceptualized by Citibank Singapore – which will see creative collaborations between international and local chefs honed in either complementing or contrasting cooking techniques. For every month starting April, 1 visiting chef will work with 2 host chefs to create a 6-course menu available at the restaurant for a period of 3 to 4 days. The cost? $100++ for Citibank card members and $180++ for non-card members.
emmanuel stroobant signature dish
April’s Line up The debut month will feature a bumper line up of 2 visiting chefs and 3 participating restaurants: From 22 to 25 April, Chef Laurent Peugeot of 1 Michelin star Le Charlemagne – a Franco-Japanese gourmet restaurant in Burgundy – will meet his personal friend, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre, where you can expect dishes featuring a balance of French with Japanese influences, as well as solo dishes from the respective chefs. Then from 26 to 28 April, Chef Laurent Peugeot moves on to pair with like-minded Chef Fukashi Adachi of Fat Cow. Diners can look forward to a menu that combines the purity of flavour with complexity of preparation, quoted by Chef Laurent as “a natural alliance between France and Japan”.
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Rounding up the first installment of $100 Gourmet is a collaboration like no other. Just what happens when one chef uses traditional cookware with open flame and high heat, while the other adopts French techniques of low-heat and sous-vide style cooking? We can’t wait to see what Chef Niklas Ekstedt of Sweden’s Restaurant EKSTEDT and Chef Jason Tan of Corner House will bring to the table from 23 to 26 April. Book your seats starting every first of the month at www.100gourmet.sg. Available on a first-come-first-served basis. See Also: New restaurants to explore Never miss the best eats in town with OpenSnap
Written by Peh Yi Wen
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