What’s Hot at Krispy Kreme?
Now that Krispy Kreme’s iconic ‘HOT NOW’ light is beaming at our very own Tangs Orchard Basement, we have been seeing many of you carrying that sinful green and white box of doughnuts in the bouts of Orchard. You’d probably prefer a sugar rush to the morning rush any day but with so many flavours on board, how do you make a quick decision without holding up the rest of the queue?
Here’s a clearer look at 10 assorted flavours with the Original glazed doughnut for your careful consideration. Ready to ignite that sweet tooth? Let’s go!
Original Glazed ($2.60) Do not, for one second, dismiss this fellow as plain and not worth a try! The Original Glazed is probably the one to start with if you have never tried a Krispy Kreme doughnut in your life. Best when it’s hot from the oven, the sweet coating of sugar melts into the dough with every bite. And then you’ll want more.
Chocolate Iced Glazed ($2.95) This doughnut takes the Original Glazed one chocolaty step further. Its top half is hand-dipped in a smooth chocolate icing to satisfy chocolate lovers without stealing the show of its original base.
Chocolate Iced Sprinkle ($2.95) Was the Chocolate Iced Glazed doughnut too boring for you? With a vibrant layer of rice sprinkles atop the chocolate coating, the Chocolate Iced Sprinkle is the most colourful of the lot, reminding us of a simpler time as kids. Besides the added texture and colour, the sprinkles do not significantly elevate the sweetness of the doughnut, so no worries there!
Cookie Crunch ($2.95) Dipped in a Vanilla icing then topped with crumbly layer of Oreo cookies, this doughnut is perfect for cookie lovers – specifically Oreo cookie lovers. The slight bitterness from the Oreo cookie acts as a good balance to counter the sweetness of the vanilla icing, which stands to be a fair bit sweeter than the usual glaze.
Almond All Over ($2.95) As its name suggests, this doughnut is covered in nothing but crunchy almond flakes, a rather generous amount of it too! The classic combination of nuts and chocolate seldom disappoints and this doughnut here proves the point. The contrast between the almond flakes and smooth chocolate coating works well to form a flavourful duo – a slight sophisticated twist compared to the Chocolate Iced Sprinkle.
Glazed Chocolate Cake ($2.95) This rich, moist and chocolaty cake is sent through Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze waterfall and coated all around with that amazing layer. You might just be thankful for that hole in the middle which grants you some breathing space.
Glazed Vanilla Cake ($2.95) Just like the Glazed Chocolate Cake, the Glazed Vanilla Cake is a rich and moist cake doughnut flavoured with vanilla cream and coated from top to bottom with that tasty Krispy Kreme glaze.
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled ($2.95) This yeast-raised doughnut shell is hand filled with tantalizing French vanilla custard before it is carefully hand dipped in a smooth chocolate icing. Even though the dough was a fair bit drier than the holed donuts we loved the custard surprise held within the doughnut, which stood at just the right amount too!
Powdered Strawberry Filled ($2.95) Jam-packed with a strawberry filling, the doughnut comes coated with a light dusting of powdered sugar. It’s a bit of a mess so be careful not to spill that sweet jam as it oozes out of control.
Chocolate Dream Cake ($2.95) This was clearly Krispy Kreme’s attempt at pleasing the serious chocolate fans. The fluffy shell doughnut is first filled with rich chocolate before it is hand dipped in chocolate icing and finally, sprinkled with bits of dark and white chocolate on the top.
Red Velvet ($2.95) This flavour seems to be winding its way around every cake-like pastry known to man-kind. This deep red chocolaty cake donut is decorated with a luscious cream cheese icing while carrying an extra layer of red velvet crumbles. Turn to Page 2 for more photos of Krispy Kreme’s Official Opening last Saturday!
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Written by Peh Yi Wen
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OpenRice SG Editor
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