What’s the Difference Between Italian and French Cuisine?
Italy vs. France – it’s like choosing which team to root for in a football match. But with OpenRice, it’s all about the food. Choosing between these two cuisines can be next to impossible what with all the delectable dishes these two countries have shared with the whole world. For Italy’s side, we have pizza, pasta, plus that rich and filling risotto. On the French side, we have the boeuf bourguignon, ratatouille, as well as the chocolate soufflé. Both countries have seriously good eats, right? Instead of pulling your hair in trying to decide which cuisine to have for your next meal, why not let us enlighten you on what makes these distinct from each other? Italian Cuisine Italy can be considered as a young country. Before it was unified in 1861, each region has its own unique cuisine. Despite that, Italian food has characteristics which are undeniably Italian. Aside from using only the freshest ingredients and produce (they’re fond of using olive oil, tomatoes, and cheese), their food is very rich and hearty. A spoonful of spaghetti or lasagne could give you that comforting feeling of a grandma who has lovingly prepared your meal. Most of their creations are simple and not complicated. You don’t need to mix one ingredient with the other; then drizzle it with sauce as the finale. All the ingredients are already in the main dish and all you have to do is just eat. Italians also have very big food servings and are full of carbs.
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Some other things you need to know about Italy: Their traditional meal consists of an appetiser, two main courses, and salad. Unlike most European cuisines, the first main course is usually heavier and loaded with carbs while the 2nd one is lighter and usually made of fish or meat. Regions in Italy have their own specialties: Naples is home to pizza, cheese, and mozzarella; Sardinia is well-known for lamb and Pecorino dishes; while Piemonte and Lombardia make risotto. Italians are so protective of their pizza creation that they have bill before Parliament which safeguards the creation of traditional/authentic pizza. French Cuisine French cuisine is so diverse that it can be hard to describe in one word. But know this: they love their bread and wine so much that most of their meals start with bread and cheese as appetiser. Other courses are then served after this, and these are paired with different kinds of wine. One thing to note about French dishes is the sauces. They try to make their cooking as simple as possible so that the freshness of the ingredients come out. And to enhance the overall taste of the dish, sauce is added. The French believe that you eat with your eyes as well so they make their food preparations as visually appealing or exquisite as possible. They use and mix ingredients with vibrant colours and plate them so expertly that you would think twice to eat it – for you don’t want to mess it up. Serving portions are not as big as the Italians for the French have a lot of courses per meal.
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Some other things you need to know about France: The French eat more cheese than any other countries. As such, this country has over 100 types of cheese to satisfy their cravings. Haute cuisine or grande cuisine refers to the elaborate preparations to prepare gourmet food in France. French cuisine emphasizes on the use of the freshest ingredients and produce to come up with their dishes. See Also: Enjoy more variety of French food here More Italian food to satisfy your tastebuds
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