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Fish Porridge
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Level4 2013-06-21
FoodMinimum pricing for a bowl of fish soup is no longer marked at S$3.00.Instead the pricing on the menu was actually covered up by a masking tape on the signboard indicating S$4.00 as the minimal price for such a bowl of simple meal. However, this price hike has no deterence to 128 fish soup's fan. The queue were long as per usual with a wide age group of Supporters namely from teenagers to grandparents. What we all like about 128 is that the fish are very smooth and generously placed in the piping hot soup bowl. These thick slices of fish are fresh and irresistible! The "powerful" portion that one cannot miss is its sambal chilli. Dabbed a bit of fish on it and chew on it.You will feel the rush of adrenaline spiciness done your spine and even got your lips numb after having them. Nothing is "Shiok-er" than this. The soup is rather light in taste, comes with fried onions and vegetables leaf. Simple but a perfect meal with noodles or just a bowl of rice at S$0.50. ServiceManned by 2 ladies. Every serving was cooked by per order. Considering that there is only 1 cooking the dish,it is actually quite fast.AmbienceBe prepared the raindrops coming down from your head after grabbing these sambal chillis even though the hawker centre is well ventilated and with fans installed and mounted on the pillars. Do get some packets of tissue with you. Tables around the stall are mostly occupied, sitting away from the stall may help. The stretch of stalls where 128 Fish is situated is known for its Bak Kut Teh and Fish/Chicken Porridge, well liked by the neighbourhood therefore seatings around that area may be harder to find. PriceReasonably priced with goodness. Yums! continue reading
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