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Level4 2013-12-28
Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee (正宗)羅弄阿苏卤面 is starchy, rich and saltier in the gravy. Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee 新美香正宗卤面has much milder taste and light seasoning with the gravy. What is your preference for your lor mee? If you are looking for well balance gravy in between the two extremes, 178 Lor mee could be a good choice.The soul of the lor mee very much relies heavily in the gravy; 178 gravy was not overly thick or too starchy and not as bland or diluted, perhaps this is one of the best balance lor mee gravy we have tried so far that able to achieve a more balance taste. The gravy was flavourful and overall one of the best we have tried.Read more: http://ieatandeat.com/lorong-ah-soo/ continue reading
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Headed to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch and had queued up at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee Stall (#02-80) for at least 10 minutes but was told their Lor Mee had sold out by the time it was my turn to order. And it was only 1.30pm! Damn, if only the person in front of me could order one bowl short! Anyway, I decided to try out the other popular stall, Lor Mee 178 (#02-23) which had an even longer queue. Lol, a battle of the Lor Mees!Though the queue was long, it moved considerably quick. I waited for probably 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad if you have time to spare. This stall had received various national accolades and was featured in a number of local food programmes as well as various print media.And here’s what I had ordered. A bowl of thick, flat yellow noodles in a starchy gravy topped with generous portions of ingredients like sliced fish cakes, braised pork and crispy fried shark nuggets. The delightful shark nugget is clearly the winning ingredient of this Lor Mee. It is fried to perfection. The batter is extremely crispy. I left the nuggets till the end to slowly savour them and they still taste crunchy despite being soaked in the gravy for a while. Shark meat itself is rather bland and doesn’t have much flavour too so the essence really lies in the crispiness of the nuggets. It’s like dunking hot, crispy dough fritters in porridge!The gravy is also very tasty. Plus you can add a drizzle of Chin Kiang black vinegar (I’m so happy they use good old Chin Kiang!), minced garlic and a dollop of sambal chilli for that fiery kick. Mix everything up, you’ll get a mouthwatering bowl of noodles! Normally I try not to finish the gravy (for other lor mees) because it tends to be overly starchy but Lor Mee 178′s is of the perfect consistency and I actually slurped up every bit without feeling sick of it.For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/11/06/lor-mee-178/ continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-02
It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday and me and my friends planned to go for a day of foodie trip (To some places normally we will not go) and our first stop is Tiong Bahru for Shark meat Lor Mee which one of my friend had never eaten before and both my girlfriend and I wish to intro her to it and in the same time have our lunch there as we did not eat at this place for quite a while.The lor mee stall is located at level 2 of the Tiong Bahru old market (Level 1 is wet market) and this place is famous for it good food (A few popular stall located here). As usual, when we reached the place, there are quite a lot of people having their meals here and there is already a queue at the Shark Meat Lor Mee stall.You will be able to see there is always a queue at this stall for their Lor Mee (There are other stall selling lor mee too) and the staff inside are seen to be always deep frying Shark meat Nuggets and some other side dishes of the Lor Mee.The stall design is quite simple with clear details of the pricing of their lor mee. This is also one of the very few stall who let customer self service on some of the ingredients like Black vinegar, garlic, red chillies and etc.The gravy of the Lor Mee is nice with my own version of more black vinegar and garlic which I feels it enhanced the overall taste of this lor mee. The noodles is nice while the crispy deep fried flour really makes the meal tasted better. The nuggets are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but do remember to eat it fast else it will be very soft due to the mixture of the gravy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-20
One of my favourite hawker food is Lor Mee and having heard rave reviews of the sharkmeat nuggets lor mee at tiong bahru food market, it immediately went into my must-go food list A usual bowl of lor mee consist of ngo hiang, fish cake, fish, meat dumplings (chicken/pork) and half a boiled egg. The other items added in will depend on the individual stalls. For example, this stall's specialty is their sharkmeat fritters! The sharkmeat nugget is meaty and tasty! What I love most about lor mee is the thick and starchy gravy sauce mixed together with the thick flat yellow noodles! Some people love to add a lot of vinegar and garlic but for me, just a little is enough. The sauce in this bowl was so sticky and gooey, just perfect for my tastebuds! I also love the fried fish bits they sprinkle all over. However, do note that this bowl of lor mee do not have the usual braised egg and ngor hiang. Instead, they give you fish cake, meat fritters and braised meat on top of the nuggets. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-09
Whenever my colleagues know that i will be around Tiong Bahru estate, most of them will asked me to help them 'ta-bao' back the lor mee at Tiong Bahru Market. I was curious of how it taste so one day I decided to order myself a bowl too to see if it is really that good. I like how the 'lor-zhap' is for 178 lor mee - not too thick. It was actually quite thin yet flavorful. The vinegar and chili added an extra punch to it. I ordered the $3 bowl which comes with what it says - shark fish meat. The fish meat is juicy even though it has been fried and it tasted really fresh. Now I know why there is a long queue when it comes to lunch time! continue reading
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