Let 1983 bring back the wonderful experience of a bygone era with the taste of great local fare and flavours of the 80s. Offering a delectable selection of local delights including Nanyang Coffee, Traditional Bun Set, Nasi Lemak, Hainan Chicken Rice, Nasi Padang and Thai Cuisine. Here is a place where you can enjoy the harmony of different tastes and lifestyles set in the charms of the 80s. continue reading
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Review (6)
Level3 2014-10-05
This place is tucked away in a quiet corner of MBS. The place is clean and nice but I think location is not that good - so not many crowd here. But that's good for us, as it means no problem getting good seats and fast service.If you are there, try their set Nasi Lemak andchoose the 'bua long long' juice. It is so pure and tasty I think this is easily one of the top drink in my list. It is pressed right on the spot and is as fresh as you can get. The chicken wing is extremely cruncy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The rice is also very frangrant and is green in colour, most likely from the frangrant pandan leaves.The penang laksa is the most disappointing (considering it is a chef special). It is not served with lots of fresh mint leaves and the hae kor taste is not strong enough. I will not order that again next time. Overall, it is above average. Will be back. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
Due to friend's recommendation to try 1983 a taste of Nanyang (Nasi Lemak ) Once step in the store , you are being welcome by the staff and the fragnance of foods The store offer wide range of foods from noodles , rice , drinks etc We ordered the nasi lemak set , it come with panda rice , a slice of egg and a piece of chicken ,fish and cucumber . The rice smell nice and fragnance , where as the chicken is hot and crispy and tender too continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-13
I visited Gardens by the Bay with a friend today and we decided to head down to MBS for some lunch after a warm day outdoors. There is a distinct lack of affordable food options within the shopping centre and 1983 Nanyang is one of the more affordable food courts within its premises.We decided to try out the Thai food available since it had set meals at $12 nett, inclusive of tom yum soup, thai dessert and a main dish. I had the Pad Thai while my friend had the pineapple rice and the dessert turned out to the steamed tapioca. The beeper that tells you when your food is ready to be collected!Pad thai with chicken and prawn, tom yum soup and tapioca for dessert!Pad Thai: The noodles were average with generous pieces of chicken but only one prawn. Not worth the price!Tapioca: Steamed tapioca with some sweet syrup over it, nothing fantastic. Disappointing dessert especially considering how there are some many other delicious Thai desserts that they could have served.Tom Yum soup: Not spicy at all but sadly, not that good either as it was rather bland with minmal ingredients. Would not order this on its own if it did not come with the set. Pineapple rice: Quite terrible as it tasted of fried rice with no fragrance of pineapple at all! All in all, it was a very disappointing meal especially with such a hefty price tag for food court food! MBS should consider expanding its range of affordable dining options as I would rather walk over to Marina Square where I can get better food at the same price point. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-17
Nanyang Food Court is located at the far end of MBS Shoppes' Galleria Level, occupying the premises of the former celebrity chef restaurant Punjab Grill. The ambient lighting, booth seats and Ikea type wooden tables & chairs bear no trace of the former high end Punjab Grill. Apart from the Nanyang Cafe that sells beverages, desserts, toasts, nasi lemak, mee siam/mee rebus, there are threeother stalls inside viz Western Food, Chicken Rice and Thai Food. The Western Food stall is halal-certified and sells favourites like chicken chop, fish & chips as well as steaks and mixed grill on hotplate. The chicken rice stall also sells macaroni, porridge and noofles while the Thai Food stall at the corner serves up curries and Thai style zichar.The fish & chips was great value at $6.90 ~ similar to the prices of western food sold at food courts and neighbourhood coffee shops. It was almost 9pm when we dropped by and this food court was still buzzing with activity. I was given a buzzer after ordering my food and it rang about 10mins later signalling me to pick up my order. Two generous pieces of breaded dory fish, lots of crispy fries and a small scoop of coleslaw. It was a hearty portion and tasted good too.The chicken rice cost $6.80. The rice was fragrant and flavourful without being greasy. I could eat this without any chicken. Anyway the Hainanese style chicken was excellent. I was served the thigh which was plump, juicy and tender. I like the succulent & gelatinous chicken skin which was wonderfully Q to the bite. The minced ginger sauce was addictive and the concentrated chilli packs a punch. Nanyang's version of Hainanese chicken rice beats the popular Sargeant Chicken Rice Stall at the Food Republic hands down.So it is possible to have a hearty meal for less than $10 per head at MBS, even after a cup of Gong Cha milk tea for each of us from the shop one floor above at the Atrium (street) level. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-15
Purposely made our trip to Marina Bay Sands to try out this 1983 A Taste of Nanyang. I heard many good comments about the Thai stall. Aside from getting the taste right, the secret to get a good reputation is the environment and services.A clean, tidy and organized ordering counter, they offered a wide range of Thai Food to choose. Friendly and polite waitress, it was self-service basis thus there was no service charge.You may order ala-carte or make it a complete meal (Choose from Set A to Set K), including one complimentary drink and soup of day. It is worth to order set meal, costed only $12.00nett.It is a device to inform you when your meal was ready. You may sit down instead of waiting at the counter for your food. It will blinking once your food can be collected at counter.I ordered Set D, fried Thai Noodles, Tom Yam Soup and Mango juice. The ingredients were fresh, not too spicy but delicious. Although it was quite simple, yet the traditional taste made it amazing, portion was generous also. Tom Yam soup was sour, savoury and little bit spicy. Overall, it was satisfied,at least not disappointed us. Price wise, it considered inexpensive if you compared to other restaurant in Marina Bay Sands. continue reading
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