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Level1 2014-10-29
It is a honor to be invited by OpenRice for the food tasting invitation at 2ThePot.Chicken Pot, as well as Mookata are 2 very popular dishes in Singapore. Many a time, people flock to find the best of these 2 dishes all around Singapore.Now, I will say, you will have the best of both worlds to savor both dish styles under one roof! Joo Chiat Road; this place is a food heaven for diners, especially Vietnamese cuisine and splattering dots of pubs and cafes around the vicinity.One will be surprised to find a Chicken Pot and Mookata place here. Yup, I daresay 2ThePot is the first and only restaurant that serves both delicacies here. The interior is pretty white, neat and rather spacious.The staff was very friendly and accommodating, which is a plus point. Keep it up!Food came in no time.Appetizer.... an Indian cracker called papadum was served. Wow, that sure was a surprise.... wasn't expecting an Indian appetizer to kickstart this interesting meal journey.  You can dip the papadum into the sweet yet slightly sticky chilli sauce. Interesting concotion for the chilli sauce, which is not your usual Thai sweet chili that is watery, but this contains sesame seeds, chilli, and a celery, no fish sauce base though.Thai Iced Tea came next. Pretty awesome I must say, comparable to the ones you may find in Thai cafes or the road side drink stores in Thailand.First up, Spicy Chicken Pot. Impressive array of ingredients can be seen here, especially the long uncut chilli! Looks hot! The gravy is a little too salty , chicken sizes are perfect, and soft to the bite. Not as spicy as it may seem, I will say if you are looking for a spicy kick, this is not the one to go for. With so much gravy, rice will be a good option to go with this.Rating: 3/5Mookata, the one everyone was waiting for! It's up and coming next. I will say the Mookata served here was pretty good, especially the fresh ingredients offered.Not too much, not too little. My only comment for this is that the tom yum soup is not spicy enough. Nevertheless, I guess the owner is catering this for the local community.Rating 3.5/5Laska Chicken Pot is up next, and I will say, this has to be the best dish of the day!Thick and awesomely coconut milk rich, this is heavenly stuff. Served with chicken pieces, tau pok, fish cakes, and some lemongrass inside, wow!Rating: 5/5Next up is Assam Chicken Pot. From first look, it sure looks very identical to the Laska Pot, apart from the ingreditents. Fresh big pieces of chickensimmered in the Assam looks fabulous. The letdown of this dish is the saltiness and lack of the Assam taste!Rating: 2/5Other side dishes that came along:Thai Fish cake - Big piece, but lack the spiciness and a little hard Rating 2.5/5Fried mini buns - A winner to compliment the Laksa Chicken Pot.Rating: 5/5Marinated Beed and Korean Spice Pork Belly - Very well marinated, and goes very well with the Mookata.Rating 5/5Check out our setup for the dinner!Overall, I will say there is much for improvement on the dishes. More spiciness, as well as lesser salt on all the dishes. Keep the winning formula of Laksa Chicken Pot, and focus on improving on the taste for tom yum soup for Mookata, more spinicess on Spicy chicken Pot, and in my opinion, scrap the Assam Chicken Pot. Improve on the texture for Thai fish cake, and keep the winner side dish of fried mini buns.For more food reviews and pictures of this food review, please visit my blog at https://pumpuileo.wordpress.com/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-10-27
Thank you very much to OpenRice and 2The Pot team for the food tasting invitation.2The Pot is the first restaurant in Singapore that serve Mookata and Chicken Pot under one roof. As both current dishes are very popular to diners in Singapore, 2The Pot is trying to capitalise on this and help diners avoid making the difficult choice so everyone can have the best taste of both world. FYI, this is the first time Chubby Botak Koala ever had Chicken Pot, as LD don't like her pot of food full black sauce. The two storey shop is located along Joo Chiat Road after the junction of Dunman food centre towards the direction of I12. There is a big public car park behind the establishment, so parking won't be a problem if you are driving there. Decor is very casual, with white painted wall, more like a cafe than a restaurant.For appetizer we were served papadum. Yup, your eyes did not fool you. They server Indian crackers for appetizer. Nice idea but it is tasted a little stale. For drink, their Thai ice milk tea is a must try. Although the tea flavour is not as strong as the one in Thai, the overall taste is quite authentic and it helps to cool you down from the upcoming heat from the food.We started with Spicy Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken ($26.80). Serve on a black pot with dark gravy, the the ingredients is inconspicuous. From the top the chillies look prominent and quite scary. The chicken here is tender and succulent, with a hint of wine marinate. It absorbs the gravy nicely and the spiciness is quite subtle. I rate the spiciness about 3/5, as I did not run looking for my drinks. If we are not here for the tasting session, I will probably ask for white rice to go with the chicken pot.While we start putting stuff on the Mookata and waiting for it to cooked, we were served the Laksa Chicken Pot – 1/2 chicken ($28.80), Thai Fish Cake ($8.90 - 5pcs) and Fried Mini Buns ($3 – 5pcs). The Thai Fish Cake slightly chewy, bouncy and surprisingly not spicy. It can be a good starter.For the Laksa pot, I say it is the best dish for the night. It is thick and rich of coconut milk (very lemak). The chicken meat are tender and succulent, and you can taste the hint of rice wine seasoning used on the meat. This is where the fried buns are important, where you basically break it and dunk it in the laksa gravy, and it will soak up all the goodness in it. Another options probably Tao Pok, Tau Kee, rice or noodle to absorb this delicious curry. Yum Yum.Just as we finished with the Laksa, the grilled meat from the mookata are ready. The Mookata Set Meal ($38.80) actually come with combination of different type of meats and seafood (chicken frank, meat balls, marinated chicken thigh, marinated pork and pork belly, squids, prawns, etc) eggs and a huge basket of vegetables.Because of the limited space on the grill, the meat are cut too small. The time it took to be ready, made the meat turn dry. For the steamboat part, we have chicken soup base and tom yum soup base. The broth is robust and flavourful. Although I did not manage to try the tom yum, from the feedback that I gathered it just have the twist of spiciness and tanginess into it.To add to the grill, we were introduce to 2the pot Marinated Beef ($10) & Korean Spice Pork Belly ($9.50). Hmmm, Korean marinate grilled on the Mookata grill, a fusion of Thai and Korean is pretty interesting. Both the beef and pork are tender, while the marinate are quite subtle and did not cover the flavour of the meat.Assam Chicken Pot – 1/2 Chicken ($28.80). The Assam Pot is actually looks identical to the Laksa Pot. Although it has a more sour and tanginess to it, I find they can do without this dish and stick with the laksa. The chicken are tender and succulent, but unlike the laksa, the flavour did not go into the chicken.While we have a splendid time enjoying the meal here, we kind of wonder if the owners / chefs are trying to do too much to please the customers. I personally feel that it is better for them to perfect the mookata and Chicken Pot. Since the Laksa pot is the best dish, they should keep serving this dish and forget about the assam. Value wise, I hope they can increase the meat serving size by 25% on the mookata, and for the chicken pot, just increase the price a little but give a whole chicken instead of half.Overall, it is a good place for folks who enjoy mookata and chicken pot. Be warned, as there is no exhaust system, expect coming out of the place smells like grilled pork. My camera bag is a living proof of this. For first timer like myself, its a must try. Cheers!!For the complete review, click / copy the link below to your browser: http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/10/2The-pot.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Craving for Chicken Hot Pot and Thai Mookata at the same time? Fret not, your dilemma is solved with 2The Pot's refreshing new dining concept that allows you to have these both tasty dishes at the same time.Edgy storefront that looks very homely and welcoming. Our Mookata ingredients. Fresh and the marinated meat were tasty but the other ingredients were nothing to shout about. We had two different Mookatas - Chicken and Tom Yum. The Tom Yum one was much better as the taste of Tom Yum is very distinct and flavourful.The Thai Fish Cakes were delicious but slightly on the rubbery side.The Spicy Chicken Hot Pot was nothing to shout about, either. The 'soup' was way too thick and had a gooey texture. However, chicken was delicious and definitely far from overcooked.The marinated beef was my favourite as I love meat that is slobbered with sesame sauce. Delicous was barbequed on the mookata.The Laksa Hot Pot was really really good and I recommend getting this over the standard spicy one as this is so tasty and paired up with the chicken - a perfect combination. To have this with rice would be perfect.This Kimchi Pork was okay but still delicious when barbequedThe Assam Hot Pot was a disappointment. Tasty but nothing like the traditional Assam flavour.All in all, it was a good dinner and the concept of this place is fantastic. Service staff was also super friendly and helpful. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
2The Pot is a new restaurant alongside Joo Chiat shophouses, encompassing an interesting combination of Thai Mookata and Chicken Hotpot under one roof. We thought it was a thoughtful concept - steamboat lovers can now have the best of both worlds in one setting.The restaurant has two stories for dining - we went up the stairs (lovely photos of food on the wall along the ascend) and dined on level 2.2The Pot adopts a very clean cut and neat style - black regular tables in two rows across the room across smooth polished wood floors and sleek white walls - no fuss, no muss, just a comfortable and soothing setting for diners to enjoy a good pot of soup for dinner.They operate from dinnertime till midnight (12.00am) by the way.Drinks were served the moment we stepped in and introduced ourselves to each other. I chose the Thai Iced Milk Tea - light and refreshing, and not too sweet, just the perfect thirst quencher.The Thai Fishcakes were good - tasty fish-flour paste fried till a crispy golden brown on the exterior with a taut but still springy interior, rich in flavor.First we started with the Spicy Chicken Hotpot. There were a lot of ingredients such as red chilli, green peppers, onions, chicken etc all tossed into a big pot of spicy (mala) soup base. We waited for it to boil while constantly stirring it, and then had a small bowl each to start. The soup was very thick, even a little on the sticky side, but it did not give the piercing numbing spiciness that one usually associates with mala soup. We did not know if that was the usual standard, or whether the restaurant played down on the level of spiciness to try to suit us. The chicken was tender enough, but we felt that the soup could do with a little less stickiness and a little more spiciness.Next, we worked on the Laksa Chicken Pot. The ingredients looked good - the perfect ingredients for a good pot of authentic laksa seemingly- with the taupoks (dried beancurd), fishcake slices etc. When it simmered, we took a small bowl each to try. The laksa gravy was good - thick without being too gooey, and the level of spiciness was just nice. The rich and distinctive flavor of laksa (spicy, with the sweet twist of coconut) was well noted; and the chicken was tender. This was one of our best / favorite choices at the end of the night.The last pot was Assam Chicken Pot. As far as assam goes, this pot lacked the sharp sour sting of assam (usually a spicy and sour gravy), but instead was very redolent in a sweet flavor I deduced to be coconut, perhaps?Now we come to the Mookata (note that this was not the sequence in which we had dined, of course). They had these lovely little golden Mookata pots.   We had Tom Yum Soup base and a Clear Chicken Soup base. The soup base was poured from plastic water jugs into our pots and then we waited for them to boil.Our Mookata set comprised of this huge basketful of leafy greens, golden mushrooms, sweet corn, vermicelli and eggs.  For the meat, we had a very generous serving of prawns, squids, beef, chicken, pork, otah, fishballs, meatballs, crabstick, sausages and a packet of pork lard.Another bout of surprise came with these Marinated Beef and Korean Spice Pork Belly - yet another cuisine added to the family. Nonetheless, these were their specialities as well so we were honored to have a taste of it. he Korean Spicy Pork Belly was quite tasty - thin, crunchy slices of pork marinated with kimchi-tastingFor full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/10/media-invite-dinner-at-2the-pot.html continue reading
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Level1 2014-09-09
As their name suggested, this place serve two type of pots and we were lucky to come in a group of eight and therefore able to try both the mookata and the laksa pot.  The service was friendly and we feel at ease asking numerous questions on the menu while ordering.  The food was fresh and eating it after dipping the bbq meat in the thai sauce was worth the wait cooking it yourself.  Pairing it with the savoury laksa pot that came in a claypot was a great enjoyment!  The laksa pot itself hold different levels of flavour as you add the chicken stock when the pot slowly reduces, it goes from strong sauce like to a drinkable soup towards the end.  We certainly had a great experience at this small but cozy restaurant that provided service with a smile.  Hence, very happy to take some time in writing this review. Will be back soon! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)