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320Below is Singapore's first Nitro Cream Cafe which makes ice cream, frozen yoghurt & sorbets right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. Only natural ingredients are used with no stabilisers, no emulsifiers and no artificial flavours. continue reading
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Today, I went to Singapore's first Nitro cream cafe with my colleagues after a tiring corporate but fun corporate retreat! Here's their lovely huge menu board.Their menu!I went to their branch at Little India. It was very cozy, with just a few round table seats. Each table sits about 4 people.Flavours stacked high high!Here's some facts about Nitro! For this ice cream parlor, they are freshly made with each order using liquid nitrogen. Their products supposedly do not use flavorings (natural or artificial), preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers and are low in sugar.Well, works for me!Me, My Boss S and Miss S's ice cream! Same flavours!If you already know me well, you'd know that the ones with fruit loops is mine!!! hahahaha.. I loveeee fruit loops to bits. Me and my 2 colleagues ordered the same flavor but with different toppings. There's an array of toppings you can choose to go with your liquid nitrogen made ice-cream. This one is the salted caramel version ($4.80 without toppings).Sadly to say, I didn't taste the salt in it at all and suspect that plain caramel flavor was given to us! All 3 of us who ordered the salted caramel felt the same way so I'm pretty sure it's not my hallucination!I also tried the Baileys Coffee flavor from another colleague and I must say it was WONDERFULLY done. I should have totally ordered that instead, would have enjoyed every single bite of it.If I were to go back, I would order the baileys one. Back to the decor of the place, I really like their single well-decorated wall!This is the wall! Can you see what it's made of?Ta-dah! Many hand decorated cups!Isn't the wall pretty?! This wall is only available at the Little India branch. I have been to the Tampines One mall branch (they have one outlet there too), and due to the available shop space, I think they weren't able to do this too. So much work must have gone into decorating each and every one of these cups!I took a few pictures of those with more popular and notable character designs:Angry Bird!Simpsons!Shinhwa's latest album~ XI The Classic!PSY... GANGNAM!Little Minions~Like them on facebook!If you do go to their Little India branch, be sure to check these cups out! 320 Below's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/320BelowLocation: 33 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228686 (Little India Exit A)Rating: 3.5/5 continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-15
Tried the milky flavor before and it has a strange light taste to it and i didnt feel full from eating it. Decided to try a different kind of ice cream this time. Chose the blackcurrant flavor.It was much better than the previous milky flavor i had. I will return to the shop again. And the people in this shop was kind enough to allow outside food to be eat in. Great service! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-26
After dinner, there are always some space for desserts. Just when we are having headache as to go for desserts, this place catches our eyes. It is located opposite to the car park that is next to Rex Cinema at Mackenzie Road. How can we resist ice cream and so we decide to go there for ice cream.The ice cream menu is handwritten on a blackboard with chalks, so old school.Their ice cream is make instantly infront of you using Nitrogen. The ice cream freeze quickly and we do not need to wait too long for our ice cream.I choose Passion Fruit Flavour, it is creamy and nice with passion fruit taste. The only downside of this passion fruit ice cream is that they have passion fruit seeds inside the and I need to spit out the seed. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-03
Was very much interested in how a "nitrogen made" ice cream would taste like, so I specially drop by this place, 320Below to have a taste the specially made ice cream. As usual in a ice-cream parlor, you will be spoil to choose the flavors. In the end I chose the Earl Grey flavor as I have always love the taste of the tea. The ice cream doesn't look any different from the ice cream sold at other places, but one taste of it you will know the difference. The Ice cream tasted light, not very heavy in cream (taste healthier in a way I think?) and it is not sweet. Thankfully for the Earl Grey taste, it help to not make the ice cream bland. Overall it is mediocre, and I guess I will not specially make a trip there again unless if I happen to pass by it and craving for some ice cream as dessert. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-09
Click HERE : http://www.dairycream.blogspot.sg for Full Review and Pictures!After an earlier Indian vegetarian meal at Ananda Bhavan, we walked to an ice cream shop that strangely, has no signs of ice cream on display."Huh? No ice cream?Then how to order?". As we looked around, there were Kitchen-Aid Mixers, some chemical pipes and a black board full of various flavors of ice cream. Sounds like Dexter Laboratory? Yes it is! The ice cream here is made fresh upon order by using liquid nitrogen at below -320 degrees Celsius to freeze the raw ice cream custard. The two flavors we tried, Salted Caramel ($4.80) and Cookie Doodle($5.20). The latter was made up of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and crushed cookies. Thanks to this quick freeze method, both are creamy and velvety, without any icy crystals that obstructs your taste pleasure. More than just innovative, the ice cream here offers quality. They are less in sugar and do not use emulsifier, stabilizers, preservatives. Rest assure that this is safe for consumption because the nitrogen evaporates and leaves no residue.This place also accepts customization orders for any wacky flavors you can think of. I can't wait to try the flavours which I have marked out when I return to Little India next time!Visit www.dairycream.blogspot.sg for full post. continue reading
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