5 Little Bears is a Taiwanese restaurant previously located at Bugis Junction. It serves contemporary popular Taiwanese dishes such as Braised Pork Belly Rice, Oyster Vermicelli and more. continue reading
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Braised Pork Belly Rice Oyster Vermicelli
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Level4 2013-12-31
Surprisingly, there was a lot of empty space during Saturday lunch timing. Here was my return to 5 Little Bears, I am going to try out the other signature dish today. Staffs were mostly youngsters, they were friendly and ready to serve. Don’t be deceived by its plainly cover, the Mee Sua was actually tasty and smooth. Each spoonful meant each enjoyful, it was actually filling. Vinegar added inside enlightened the whole bowl, typical flavour from Taiwan. Oyster oozed out was a wonderful taste, well accompanied silky starchy soup. Price at $4.50, it was inexpensive. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-24
5 Little Bears is located conveniently at Far East Plaza, and serves popular Taiwanese food like Oyster Mee Sua, Braised Pork Belly Rice & Salted Crispy Chicken.The inside of the restaurant is free seating style where you have to order your food at the counter, and they will call your number to pick it up when the food is ready.For my meal today, I ordered a portion of the Salted Crispy Chicken & a bowl of Oyster Mee Sua.For the Salted Crispy Chicken, I felt that it was too dry and very hard. I was quite disappointed with this dish as all I could taste is the flour and hardly any chicken.The Oyster Mee Sua however was not bad. It's flavourful and silky smooth, easy enough to eat with just a spoon. Even though we visited the restaurant during lunch time, there was plenty of seats and not much of a crowd. Great place to get a quick meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
Every cuisine always has it's unique dish. Taiwan cuisine, there's fried chicken, beef noodles and not forgetting the very authentic braised pork belly rice! This is my second visit to this little cafe, my previous one wasn't awesome but I still wanted to give it another try! Ordered the Braised Pork Belly Rice ($5.90) which comes with a drink, I got the wintermelon drink which was simple but refreshing. This bowl of simple Taiwanese's classic favourite is full of flavour after mixing the savoury minced pork belly and salted vegetables together. The braised egg and vegetable was also good alongside the yummy sticky mixed rice. Overall, dish was good on an average level, but it was totally worth the price. Will visit again for other dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-18
Whenever I frequent 5 Little Bears, i would usually go for the braised pork belly rice. Its partly because it is reasonably cheap (set meal at $5.90 with drink of your choice).The braised pork belly rice comes with some vegetables at the side, one-half of a braised egg and of course a generous heaping of braised pork belly bits.When you mix all the ingredients together, the general consistency of the rice becomes quite sticky and sometimes you feel like you are just eating rice itself. Its like the pork belly bits are barely there. Still its a good deal which fills one's belly!Luckily, 5 Little Bears added more variety to their set meals and thus giving patrons more options. continue reading
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The food scene in Singapore is very competitive and fast-changing especially for tenants at Far East Plaza. Recently, I noticed this new F&B establishment "5 Little Bears 五只小熊" outside the walkway of Far East Plaza with Chinese wordings and eye-catching lanterns. From the feel of it, the design concept sure looks young and appealing and I decided to visit one of the days for lunch.Upon stepping into 5 Little Bears, the ambiance was very light-hearted, casual and cozy with flowers by the side of the stairs leading down to the dining area which reminds me so much of boutique cafes over in Korea. There is a counter where menus are placed and patrons can self-service and make their orders for food there. Good news is that they don't have service charge and the price of the food are inclusive of GST!! After ordering, the friendly Taiwanese staffs will ring a bell and place the food at the food collection counter so you can collect it and dine at the comfort of your table. My friend had the Taipei Oyster Vermicelli ($4.50) which they will add a little vinegar and chili in it to enhance the taste. According to your preference, you can choose to add more of it too with the condiments available at the food collection counter. In that bowl, there were generous amount of oysters although they ain't that huge compared to the ones in Taipei and I love the mushrooms which adds a sweet flavour to it. Best of all, the silky smooth vermicelli can be eaten with just a soup spoon as they have cut it into short bits so you need not worry about splattering all over your shirt. I had a yummy bowl of Taichung Braised Pork Rice ($4.80) and from the looks of the serving portion, it was simply irresistible of great value!! There was a nice portion of minced braised pork, half a braised egg together with salted veg and a large stalk of leafy green, all these sitting on a serving of sticky Japanese short grain rice. When eaten together, the moist texture of the braised pork was so succulent that it melts in the mouth and the droolicious gravy complements the soft and chewy rice perfect to the bite.Ending off our meal, we shared their signature dessert, Eight Treasures Ice ($6) . With a perfect combination of red bean, green bean, barley, taro jelly, sweet potato jelly, glass jelly, peanuts and pearls on finely shaved ice, it was sheer paradise as I could feel heaven on earth with the delectable mix of sweet and bouncy goodies on a humid and warm afternoon. The serving was huge and it is recommended to be shared with 2 to 3 persons. Good things like this is meant to be shared with anyway! It was a satisfying and sumptuous meal as the food tasted very authentic like those I had in Taiwan. The lunch crowd was streaming in in groups continuously and that speaks volume for a new eatery such as this. My dining experience here of sitting on stools and slurping down a bowl of Oyster Vermicelli sure feels like dining at a roadside stall in Tapei night market. With so many other varieties of Taiwan street snacks to choose from like their Salted Crispy Chicken and Kaohsiung Beef Noodles, I am already planning what to have for my next visit! continue reading
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